30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 16!

Day 16: Game With The Best Cut Scenes.

Hmmm… there are a few games that come to mind, but I’m going to go with a game that I’ve recently decided I need to FINALLY finish…

Image result for the legendary starfy cutscenes

The Legendary Starfy! This may seem like a weird choice, but I love the cut scenes more than the actual game.

Image result for the legendary starfy cutscenes

They are colorful, vibrant, and are presented like comic book panels. It’s a really enjoyable way to tell the story of Starfy, Bunston, and the rest of the quirky cast of characters. Someday I will finish this damn game! I’m working on it… slowly…


30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 15!

Day 15: Post a Screenshot From the Game You’re Playing Right Now.

It’s funny, because normally I take plenty of screenshots when I play games. However, I’ve been feeling a little burned out on doing so lately, because I just want to PLAY the game instead of having to stop and take screenshots. Anyway, I’m playing several games right now, but the one currently at the top of my list is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Wii U! I don’t have a single shot of this game, so none of these images are mine.

Image result for captain toad treasure tracker wii u

I got this game a couple years ago, but just started playing it this past weekend with my husband. We are enjoying it so much!

Image result for captain toad treasure tracker wii u

Every level is like a little micro world with a puzzle to solve, and it’s so fun to play! It can be mildly frustrating at times with an occasional weird camera angle, but it’s hard to stay mad at Toad for long.

Related image

I’ll admit that Toad was never one of my favorite characters, but he has won me over with this game, and now I love the little guy! The exact moment he won me over was when we were playing a haunted house level and he uttered the word “SCARED!!!!” in such an adorably frightened voice, I just wanted to give him a hug!

Image result for captain toad scared

Anyway, enough babbling about this game. My husband is waiting for me to play it right now! 🙂 Good night!

30 Day Video Game Challenge… Day 13!

Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times. 

There are many answers to this question! Especially when I was a kid and didn’t have nearly as many games as I have now, it wasn’t unusual to beat a game and then replay it a short time later. Just for the sake of being different, though, I’ll go with one my husband and I have enjoyed many times together:

Image result for super monkey ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube! We always play on single player mode and take turns on the levels (or if we die). We’ve gone through all the levels on all the difficulty modes, and it’s a blast! Some of those levels are still super challenging (and super aggravating!) no matter how many times we have played them. Anyway, I have lost count of how many times we’ve played this together, but it’s one that we always keep coming back to 🙂

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 12!

Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play.

Well, there are plenty of games I think everyone should play! However, what I realize about games is that just because I enjoy a certain game or gaming genre, that doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy it. For example, my favorite game of all time is Super Mario RPG. I’ve been trying to get my husband to play it for 14 1/2 years, and he has yet to try it because RPGs just aren’t his thing! I respect that everyone has differences. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to get him to play it though… 😉

With that being said, I think the answer to this question should be a game that has almost universal appeal. A game that anyone can pick up and play and enjoy. Looking through my massive list of games,  I came up with…

Image result for wii sports

Wii Sports! When the Wii came out, this was the game that got so many non-gamers to play. It was fun to get together with family and friends and see who was the best at bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, or boxing (god no, not the boxing. My arms almost fell off every time I played). Anyway, I think a game like Wii Sports definitely had universal appeal when it came out, and I think everyone should try it out at least once.

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 11!

Day 11: Gaming System of Choice.

Oohhhh…. do I have to pick just one?! I have enjoyed so many systems throughout the years, it’s very hard to pick an absolute favorite. They all hold a spot in my heart for one reason or another. However, I guess I’ll just go with my favorite system of all time…

Image result

The Super Nintendo! This system was my childhood in so many ways, and I had (and still have) so many great games that I played and replayed a million times. Such a fantastic system, and I love it as much now as I did back then!

Honorable mentions include the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo GameCube, and the PlayStation 1. 🙂

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 10!

Day 10: Best Gameplay.

I’m going to assume this question can be answered different ways, based on how you interpret it. To me, it means “What kind of game can I play without throwing my controller into my television?” or “What kind of game relaxes me?”

I really enjoy many types of genres, from platforming to racing to first- person shooter to RPG. When it comes to relaxing, though, no other game series is perfect to curl up with than the life-simulator Animal Crossing!

Image result for animal crossing

The Animal Crossing series just relaxes me because while there are goals, you can complete them all at your leisure. It’s adorable, it’s fun, and it’s relaxing. Sometimes when I am having a hard day, a game from the Animal Crossing series is the only thing I want to play. You all know I’m an Animal Crossing freak anyway! 😉