Let’s Play Some Wild World!

I’ve been playing and collecting video games for a very long time. In a perfect world, I’d play them and beat them as I buy them. However, real life often gets in the way of my gaming life, and as a result, I’ve amassed quite the backlog of video games. (If you are interested in viewing my backlog, please visit my backloggery link)

Determined to get through my backlog, I started picking games from different systems to work on. Currently, I am playing through Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. This game was released in 2005, and while I don’t think it can ever be truly “beaten” because it never has an ending, I thought it was pretty pathetic that I never even paid off my house! With that being said, I’ve been playing when I can to try to pay off that final debt to Tom Nook. Since it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, it’s taking me some time, but I’m down to my final loan payment. I owe around 646,000 Bells…wow. That’s still a lot!

Anyway, I fired up my DS this evening to see if I could earn some more bells to pay my debt off. The first thing I did was shake a few trees to gather fruit and other random items that fall from trees. Aanndd here’s what happened when I shook my third tree….

stung by bees
My poor eye!

It never fails, I am practically a bee magnet in this game! I always manage to get stung like 3 or 4 times. I barely ever try to catch the bees- I’ve already donated one to the museum and they are honestly a bitch to catch. However, I don’t really run from them either. Why? Because I have insurance and Lyle sends me 100 Bells when I get stung. So while the bees are annoying, I go ahead and allow myself to get stung cuz hey! 100 Bells is 100 Bells!

Anyway, after getting myself stung and earning a little bit of money, I came across one of my favorite villagers, Stitches. He is so adorable!

me and Stitches
I agree, Stitches! I’m starved!

On my way to the beach to catch some fish, I ran into one of my other favorite villagers, Octavian. He’s cute, in a grumpy sort of way…

me and Octavian
Who you callin’ sucker!?

As those of you who are familiar with Animal Crossing may know, fishing is one of the easiest ways to earn Bells in the game. I like to fish in the ocean because typically the fish that fetch higher Bells swim there- except for the stupid Sea Bass, of course! Today, however, I fished in both the ocean and the river, and I ended up catching a great variety of fish. The very first fish I went after, I ended up missing somehow- and based on the shadow, I believe it was a Barred Knifejaw. I tried not to think about the fact that I just let 5000 Bells get away from me and kept on playing!

While I was fishing, I noticed Stitches and Octavian having a conversation. Not wanting to be left out, I ran up to them to eavesdrop:

Stitches and Octavian 1
uh huh…
Stitches and Octavian 2
Wow, no need to be so rude!

Apparently, they were having a conversation about food. Despite Octavian’s slightly offensive response, Stitches agreed that he was hungry and walked away whistling! He’s too cheerful for his own good.

After awhile of fishing, I decided to wrap it up for the night. I caught a few of these babies:

Barred Knifejaw
Notice how the fish pretty much covers up my swollen eye!

…so I didn’t feel so bad about the one I potentially lost out on earlier. I also didn’t catch a single can, tire, or boot, which I was happy about! All in all, my Bell count is up to just over 91,000. I like to pay off my debt in 100,000 Bell increments, so I didn’t quite make enough tonight. No worries though, I’ll probably be back tomorrow to play more. See ya!