Starting My Own Village!

Last night, I played through the saved file on Doubutsu no Mori one last time, taking notes on the dialogue and running around chatting with the villagers. I went in a few of their houses, just for a quick look.

Um, this room is…interesting?

I came across a whole group of villagers who were all bummed out at the same time. Wonder what their problem was?

Maybe they are sad because they know I’m about to demolish the town they’ve been living in for almost 15 years! =(

Once I felt I had taken enough notes, I went ahead and went to the title menu and selected the option to demolish the town. There’s no going back now!

She is really bummed that about my decision. Maybe we’ll meet again, don’t worry!

The town was erased, and the title screen booted back up. This time, when I pressed start, I was greeted by Totakeke, who told me how it’s cool to be on your own, but life is also better with friends. Right on, dude!

He’s one cool dog.

After chatting with Totakeke, I began my train ride to my new village. A cat (we know him as Rover) started chatting me up, asking me tons of questions about what my name was, where I was going, if I had any money, etc. I was being nice, but I was ready for him to be quiet so I could get on with my new life!

His name roughly translates to “strange cat”… yeah, you got that right! What are you laughing at, pal?!

Finally, I arrived at my destination! I was immediately greeted by Tanukichi, or Tom Nook as we call him. I had barely taken two steps off the train, and now he was pushing me to buy a house! Geez, so pushy!

He’s bummed that I’m not picking this one. Hey, don’t rush me! I like to check everything out before I make my final decision on where to live!

After checking out all four homes, I decided on the one in the upper left corner. Why? Because when I played the village that was saved on this game, the character I played with came out of this house. So I guess you can say she sort of lives on in a way =)

Me and my new house. Cozy!

Tanukichi, immediately wanted payment, and I barely had any bells to give him. He’s a reasonable raccoon, though, so he offered to give me some part time jobs at his shop. After a quick check of the map, I headed to his shop to begin paying my debt.

Weezey Village’s Town layout. Actually, it’s pretty sweet. 

I did a couple quick jobs for him, then he told me to go meet all of my new neighbors. You start the game out with six villagers, and I’m pretty happy with who I started out with.

I did one more quick job for Tanukichi, then decided to call it a night. I’m a little slower playing this game because I am using prior Animal Crossing knowledge and a translator to get through it. I’m having a blast, though! I’ll leave you with one last picture: my village has a cool little island with two connecting bridges. It’s really neat looking!

I’ve never had this in any of my other games, so I’m pleased to see it this time around!








2 thoughts on “Starting My Own Village!

    1. It is very interesting how similar the games are! Since Animal Crossing was based off this game, there are a lot of aspects of the game fans of the series will recognize. I love my village too, very unique and cute!

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