Catching Up!

It’s been a busy few days here, with yesterday being Thanksgiving and all. Hope all my U.S. friends had a great one!

With that being said, I played Doubutsu no Mori a couple days ago and didn’t write about it. Here’s what went on that day:

First of all, when I loaded my game and stepped out of my house, I was delighted to find out that is was snowing! This is the first time it has snowed in this game for me, so I was very excited! If this game follows the format of the other games, snow will cover the ground in early December. I paused in a couple locations to enjoy the snowfall and peaceful music for a moment before carrying on with my day.

My main goal for playing was to buy whatever tool Tanukichi had stocked, since I don’t have ANY! Turns out he had a shovel, so I sold some shells and fruit I had gathered so I could buy it from him.

Come on, give me a good deal! I need the money!

Selling the items in your pockets differs in this game compared to all the others. The major bummer is the fact that you cannot select multiple items at once- you are forced to click on them one by one! This is kind of a pain, especially if you have full pockets! One thing does that does make it tolerable, however, is that if you have multiple of the same item (say, 5 peaches) Tanukichi will ask if you want to sell all of them. See my picture above for an example- there, I had 3 of the same item, so he purchased them all at once.

After buying my shovel, I ran around town, hitting rocks and seeing if I could dig up some fossils! I found my first fossil pretty quickly.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the fossil yet. I had some paper, but the museum was not listed as one of my contacts. When I showed it to Tanukichi, he said he couldn’t buy it, but he would gladly take it off my hands anyway. No way, cheapskate! I decided to hang on to the fossil a little while longer.

I was walking along the shoreline collecting seashells, when I discovered a passed out seagull that could only be Joni (Gulliver)! I spoke with him, and he was telling me a story of being with some Americans telling jokes. At the end of our conversation, he gave me a present and then told me good bye in English! I was surprised to see that. He must have picked up some English words while traveling the world! =)

I was about to head to my house to save for the night, but as I was running home, something caught my eye. It turned out to be Hakkemi’s (Katrina’s)┬átent! I decided to get my fortune read by her… but it really didn’t make any sense at all. Sometimes she actually tells you something of value, but tonight it just seemed to be all randomized. I want my 50 Bells back!

I picked up a few “lost items” from the police station, then headed to my house. Turns out one of the things I picked up was a Famicom with Balloon Fight in it. Awesome! It was tough to collect all the NES games in Animal Crossing, so I am thrilled to have scored one so early in this game!

Awesome! My first Famicom game!

Today, I was busy decorating for Christmas with my husband, but I did play Doubutsu no Mori for a few minutes. It was snowing yet again, which I was very happy about!

My happiness lasted until I went into Tanukichi’s store, where I discovered he was selling a shovel. Again. Come on man, I already have one of those! I need a fishing rod so I can start making more money! Haha. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

Since I still can’t fish, I ran around looking for the money rock, I shook fruit off some trees, and I also found a shiny spot that produced 1000 Bells when I dug it up!

I also received a letter from the Farway Museum, telling me to send in my fossils for identification.

Now I can make money with fossils too!

I had a couple fossils in my pocket, so I immediately sent them in.

Is this too bossy? Something tells me they won’t really care…

After scavenging the dump and police station for random items to sell, I paused by my waterfall to admire the nighttime scene for a moment.

So pretty!

I then went to my house and saved my game for the day. Good night everyone!