At Long Last, Doubutsu No Mori Is Mine!

For many years, I had been coveting a Japanese game for the Nintendo 64 called Doubutsu no Mori- translated in English as “Animal Forest.” (Visit the official website for the game here but be warned, it is all in Japanese) As Animal Crossing fans probably know, this game is actually the very first installment in the Animal Crossing series! It was released in 2001 only in Japan. The sequel, Doubutsu no Mori +, was released for the Gamecube in 2002. This game was localized and became the Animal Crossing that we all know and love!

I have been playing Animal Crossing since the beginning. It was a day 1 purchase for me when it was released here in the States, and it made me instantly fall in love with the series. I had known about Doubutsu no Mori, of course, but I didn’t really have much hope of obtaining it. Besides, I didn’t have a Japanese system, I didn’t want to screw up my N64 by trying to mod it, and any converter I came across always seemed to be pricey!

I had the extreme fortune of coming across a converter on Amazon a couple months ago for only $30! Other converters were listed for much higher prices. I also found several used copies of the game from Japan at decent prices. I decided to bite the bullet and make my purchases, taking the risk that the converter or game wouldn’t even work.

The converter arrived first. It is pretty simple, really- you just plug it into your N64 and put the Japanese cartridge into the top slot. The different between the NTSC cartridge and Japanese cartridge is actually pretty minimal- just a difference of a couple cart locator tabs.

Very simplistic!

With the converter in my possession, I anxiously awaiting my gift from overseas. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work today and my husband handed it to me!!

I’ve waited 14 years for this!

I was so excited! It took about 3 weeks to arrive, and I’m glad it got here safe and sound. Of course, now came the important part: making sure everything worked! A part of me didn’t even want to try to turn it on- I knew if the converter was bogus or the game was busted, I was going to be so upset! But I didn’t buy the game just to stare at it on the shelf, so I loaded the game and fired up the N64!

This is what the game and converter look like… please ignore the dust on my N64 lol! I swear I do play it!

The second I heard the intro music, I got the biggest smile on my face. I knew I was in for a treat!!

That’s all for right now. Check back for another post later when I write about my first time playing Doubutsu no Mori! Bye!


I Was Feeling A Little Retro…

I was in the mood for some older games this evening, but I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to play. So I grabbed my Game Boy Advance SP and my box containing my Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, and settled myself on the couch with my bearded dragon!  He loves to hang out! Anyway… I was poking through the games and trying to decide what I wanted to play…

Hmm…Klustar…haven’t played that in forever…Pokemon Blue…Kirby’s Dream Land…Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater…wait! Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? Where did that game come from?!

Where did you come from, little cartridge?

I honestly had a few moments where I could not remember buying this game. I have hundreds of games, but no trouble remembering what I have- remember, gaming is a hobby I take seriously!! Nevertheless, I actually got up from my comfy spot on the couch and looked at my game list to see if I had actually recorded my purchase. I did. Wow, did I feel like a dummy! Then I suddenly remembered- this was a flea market purchase I had made a couple years back. Saw it for 99 cents, scooped it up, brought it home, and apparently forgot about it. Eager to start playing, I fired my Game Boy Advance SP up. (I still have my original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, by the way. I just prefer the GBA SP because it is BACKLIT!)

Hello,title screen!

There are a couple different modes to choose from: Half Pipe Mode, Tournament Mode, and 1-on-1 vs. CPU mode. I choose Tournament Mode because, well, it looked like the most fun.

Ready, Set, GO! Wait…how do you go?!?!

I couldn’t even figure out how to start! Pressing A just caused me to jump erratically, and B must have been the brakes. I pitifully rolled forward while my CPU opponents sailed past me.

Look, I jumped! Or something…

I started and restarted a few times, but it was clear to me that I had no clue what the fuck was even going on. That annoyed me, and I tried a couple more times, but even when I would pick up something that I assume was money or a random videotape, I would inevitably crash into something and be indisposed for way too long. Frustrated, I decided to try the Half Pipe Mode instead.



This was a little more fun! The whole goal is to land as many tricks as you can, and gather as many points as you can, within the time limit. That’s it! I tried out each of the pipes just for funsies. Too bad the game doesn’t save your high score or anything!

All right… even though I had fun on Half Pipe Mode, I had to figure out Tournament Mode. It was annoying me! The first stage was pathetic, but by the end of the second stage, something magical happened… I was starting to understand the bizarre controls! Go me! I figured out how to speed up (better late than never), and I was landing tricks like a seasoned pro. At least, I think I was… every time I did a trick, it would simply take me to the cheesy still shot of a random dude on a skateboard with the name of my trick and number of points on it. Then it would load the game back! Super weird. Anyway, I wasn’t in first place, but I wasn’t sucking either. Until…

Are you sure this isn’t Pokemon??

This weird ass forest appeared out of nowhere in stage 3! This looks like a forest from Pokemon or something! I had no clue it was even coming, SO I HIT IT HEAD ON. My skater bailed, then attempted to recover… problem is, the skater is in constant forward motion. I needed to go LEFT to get away from the PokeForest, so I spent about 25 seconds grinding said forest AS SLOWLY AS I POSSIBLY COULD. It was such a dumb moment, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Things weren’t looking good for me on the next stage either. Stage 4 is like some hellish industrial park with weird pipes and random puddles of water that my skater seemed drawn to like flies are drawn to shit!


Apparently most of this stuff is here for you to grind, but my timing was so off for most of the stage, I just smushed my face into everything and slowly crossed the finish line. I’m surprised they didn’t disqualify me!

Something rad happened on stage 5, though. I became a machine! I skated super fast, I busted out a bunch of tricks, and I collected money and videotapes like it was going out of style. Most importantly….

Miracles can happen!

That’s right! I crossed that finish line FIRST! I was pretty damn proud of myself.

…then the award ceremony happened. And I was in 4th place, aka dead last. My character didn’t even stand at the podium- he hid behind a tree and hung his head in shame. Oh, Bucky Lasek, I’m sorry I let you down!

After that disappointment, I decided I’d had enough Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the night. The Playstation version of this game is amazing, by the way. I used to play it for HOURS. This Game Boy Color version though… yeah, it’s not my favorite. Now that I’ve got a hang of the controls more, it might be worth a replay someday. I might as well play it more- the flea market I got this game at is now closed, so I’ll never get my 99 cents back!

Unboxing Of Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle!

Today I got a nice surprise in the mail: the Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival bundle that I pre-ordered! Now, I was hesitant about this game when it was first announced. It was my understanding that Amiibos were necessary to play this game… and while I think Amiibos are cute, and I do have a few, I do not want to spend $50-$60 on a game and then have to spend $12.99 on a bunch of little collectible characters to play it! I’d rather just spend the money once and be done with it.

However…then the bundle was revealed. For around $60, I could get the game, two Amiibo figurines, and three Amiibo cards! That seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Whether I get any more Animal Crossing Amiibos or Amiibo cards remains to be seen. I like to collect, but not to the point of hoarding, hahaha!!!

Anyway! I pre-ordered my game off of Amazon and waited (im)patiently for it to arrive. Here it is:

acafbox copy
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle before I opened it!

The box is so cute, I almost didn’t want to open it! Of course, I wanted to get to the good stuff, so I opened it anyway. Everything was neatly packed inside. I want to note that the Amiibos do not come in their own separate packaging, so people who want them for collector’s purposes need to be aware of that.

acafjustbox copy
Game case for Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

The Amiibos and the Amiibo cards you get are a nice addition for any Animal Crossing fan. You get Isabelle and Digby as your starter Amiibos, and the cards are Goldie, Rosie, and Stitches. OMG Stitches! He is one of my favorite characters in the Animal Crossing universe so that was a very pleasant surprise.

Look at the goodies you get with the bundle!

As for the gameplay itself, I have not had a chance to check it out. From what I understand, it is a Mario Party-esque game, but without the focus being to collect stars/ play a bunch of mini games/ whatever. Rather, the focus seems to be on more passive experiences such as meeting different characters, buying and selling turnips, and experiencing different events depending on what month you choose to play.

I know this is not Animal Crossing in the traditional sense, but to me, that’s kind of the beauty of it. I’m pretty open to any game, and will give it a fair chance. It might be a good game to play after work or before bed just to relax and unwind. You never know!


Let’s Play Some Wild World!

I’ve been playing and collecting video games for a very long time. In a perfect world, I’d play them and beat them as I buy them. However, real life often gets in the way of my gaming life, and as a result, I’ve amassed quite the backlog of video games. (If you are interested in viewing my backlog, please visit my backloggery link)

Determined to get through my backlog, I started picking games from different systems to work on. Currently, I am playing through Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. This game was released in 2005, and while I don’t think it can ever be truly “beaten” because it never has an ending, I thought it was pretty pathetic that I never even paid off my house! With that being said, I’ve been playing when I can to try to pay off that final debt to Tom Nook. Since it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, it’s taking me some time, but I’m down to my final loan payment. I owe around 646,000 Bells…wow. That’s still a lot!

Anyway, I fired up my DS this evening to see if I could earn some more bells to pay my debt off. The first thing I did was shake a few trees to gather fruit and other random items that fall from trees. Aanndd here’s what happened when I shook my third tree….

stung by bees
My poor eye!

It never fails, I am practically a bee magnet in this game! I always manage to get stung like 3 or 4 times. I barely ever try to catch the bees- I’ve already donated one to the museum and they are honestly a bitch to catch. However, I don’t really run from them either. Why? Because I have insurance and Lyle sends me 100 Bells when I get stung. So while the bees are annoying, I go ahead and allow myself to get stung cuz hey! 100 Bells is 100 Bells!

Anyway, after getting myself stung and earning a little bit of money, I came across one of my favorite villagers, Stitches. He is so adorable!

me and Stitches
I agree, Stitches! I’m starved!

On my way to the beach to catch some fish, I ran into one of my other favorite villagers, Octavian. He’s cute, in a grumpy sort of way…

me and Octavian
Who you callin’ sucker!?

As those of you who are familiar with Animal Crossing may know, fishing is one of the easiest ways to earn Bells in the game. I like to fish in the ocean because typically the fish that fetch higher Bells swim there- except for the stupid Sea Bass, of course! Today, however, I fished in both the ocean and the river, and I ended up catching a great variety of fish. The very first fish I went after, I ended up missing somehow- and based on the shadow, I believe it was a Barred Knifejaw. I tried not to think about the fact that I just let 5000 Bells get away from me and kept on playing!

While I was fishing, I noticed Stitches and Octavian having a conversation. Not wanting to be left out, I ran up to them to eavesdrop:

Stitches and Octavian 1
uh huh…
Stitches and Octavian 2
Wow, no need to be so rude!

Apparently, they were having a conversation about food. Despite Octavian’s slightly offensive response, Stitches agreed that he was hungry and walked away whistling! He’s too cheerful for his own good.

After awhile of fishing, I decided to wrap it up for the night. I caught a few of these babies:

Barred Knifejaw
Notice how the fish pretty much covers up my swollen eye!

…so I didn’t feel so bad about the one I potentially lost out on earlier. I also didn’t catch a single can, tire, or boot, which I was happy about! All in all, my Bell count is up to just over 91,000. I like to pay off my debt in 100,000 Bell increments, so I didn’t quite make enough tonight. No worries though, I’ll probably be back tomorrow to play more. See ya!

Let’s Get Started!

I’ll keep my first official post short and sweet. Here’s a picture of my favorite character, Kirby! Kirby has been around since 1992 and has been in many games since then. Maybe I’ll do a longer post about him another time- I may do certain posts called Character Profiles that will describe beloved characters in greater detail. Until next time- bye!


Welcome to DefyTheMajority’s Blog!

welcome sign

This is a blog I actually created a long time ago, but for many reasons, had to put off starting it. After getting some inspiration from other video game bloggers, I’ve decided to take the plunge and go ahead and get started! This blog will mostly be centered around all things video games- whether that be a game review from myself, gaming news, random pics from games, whatever! One thing to keep in mind as you are reading this: I am doing this blog to entertain MYSELF. Please keep any negative thoughts or comments to yourself, as I will not tolerate them. Thanks for reading!