Why, Tanukichi?!

I played Doubutsu no Mori briefly tonight. I wish I had more time to play, but real life often gets in the way of my virtual life. =( Anyway, I fired up the game and was a little bummed to discover that there was still no snow on the ground. Oh well, I know it will happen soon! I immediately noticed that the roof of my house was painted black, which means that the first expansion was complete!

Yay! A bigger house!

The outside didn’t really look too much bigger, but inside was a different story. I have a considerable amount of extra room now!

You can tell how much bigger my house is by where my furniture is located. 

I checked my map and realized that I had another new neighbor! I headed to the beach, where I met a chicken named Diana (Leigh). She has a really cozy house!

I then headed to Tanukichi’s shop, and he told me he hoped I liked the expansion on my house. Then he casually announced that I now owe him 49,800 Bells! It was fun not being in debt, however briefly.

Boo… do I really have to pay you back all those Bells?!

I then noticed that he had two tools available for purchase… a net and a shovel. UGGH!!! I HAVE THOSE! I NEED A DAMN FISHING ROD! What gives, Tanukichi? Why are you torturing me?!

I did see something I wanted in the shop today though: a festive tree! I bought it and put it in my house, then saved my game for the night.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Also, today I got a pack of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. I enjoy collecting cards because they are nice to look at and don’t take up a ton of space. Besides, I can use these cards with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. Here’s what I got:

So I got some cool cards, although I could do without Resetti LOL!!! I hope to get more of them soon. Good night everyone!