This Just In: I Suck At Fishing!

I’m nothing if not stubborn and persistent, so tonight I turned on Doubutsu no Mori with the hopes of finally being able to purchase that elusive fishing rod. And….

It’s about damn time you have a fishing rod!

Tanukichi finally had one in stock! I was thrilled! Finally, an easy way to make money. I ran outside, equipped my new tool, and happily started searching for the little black shadows in the water that indicated there was a fish.

The dumb fish swam mostly out of frame when I snapped this pic, but whatever, I didn’t catch it anyway! P.S. Shidoni (Sydney) looks so cute sleeping in front of her house!

Um…yeah. It’s official: fishing in this game is WAY harder than in the other Animal Crossing games! The biggest problem is that there is no auditory clue when the fish bites down. I know what you Animal Crossing vets are thinking: just watch for the splash! Well, you have about a millisecond to reel in the fish after you see the splash. Seriously. There is almost no room for error.

I tried several times in vain to catch a fish. I seriously can’t believe this shit! I was so happy to finally purchase the fishing pole, but fishing in this game takes more precision than I was aware of. No matter. I’ll just practice it a bit, then I’ll be awesome at it and I’ll be making tons of money in no time! =)

At least I didn’t go home TOTALLY empty handed…

I did end up catching a couple ugui (dace), which is better than nothing. My husband insisted on trying- I don’t think he believed how hard it was. He realized I was right, though he did catch a wakasagi (pond smelt). Glad to know it’s not just me, although I am aware my reflexes probably aren’t what they used to be! I’ll be sure to try again tomorrow!