Goodbye, Octavian =(

Today I booted up Animal Crossing: Wild World and was happy to see that it was snowing in my town! This is the first time I’ve seen snowfall in the game this year; lately it’s been nothing but sunny! It was nice to see some wintry weather.

It’s so pretty when it snows!

My good mood lasted until I open up my mailbox and discovered I had a letter from Octavian. Something told me this wasn’t a letter to just say hi…

Say it ain’t so!

Yep, just as I suspected- he moved away! A couple days ago when I played, he mentioned he was moving, and I tried really hard to stop him. My pleading obviously didn’t work! Well, I still have him in my Animal Crossing (GCN) town, so he better stay there!

I continued my walk around town, chatting with villagers and collecting fruit to sell. Stitches acted completely normal to me, but then sent a weird letter to Gladys. What gives?

While I was walking around, I noticed a strange flower on the ground. I’ve never really been into creating hybrids (they are cool, but too much work!) but it still looked out of place to me. I picked it up, and sure enough, it was some black tulips! A quick reference check on Thonky (they have many great guides, check them out if you never have!) confirmed that I did indeed have a hybrid flower. I thought that was very neat, because I wasn’t even trying! I picked it up and stuck it in my hair, but it really didn’t look right.

I decided to keep my hybrid flower close to my house, where I could make sure it’s always watered and taken care of. If I know I’m going to take a hiatus from the game for awhile, I’ll try to remember to pick it up so it doesn’t wilt!

Happily watering my rare flowers…

I also visited Kabuki in his house, and noticed that he had the green frog chair I gave him a couple weeks ago. Glad to see him enjoying it! He asked me for more green furniture, but Nookington’s unfortunately had nothing that fit the bill.

It’s cool to see the characters actually utilize what they ask you for!

I played a few more times on and off throughout the day, just fishing and making more Bells. I’m still working on paying off my final  house expansion. Only 439,000 Bells until I am done! Good night!

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