Finally, A Snow-Covered Ground!

I wanted to play Doubutsu no Mori today, because I haven’t played it in several days. I had some extra time tonight, so I was able to play for a bit!

The first thing I noticed when my game loaded and I came out of my house was that not only was it snowing, but snow now covered the ground! I always love this time of year in all the Animal Crossing games- everything looks so beautiful! Plus, since it never snows where I live, I get to have some winter fun even when it’s 80 degrees (or more) out!

I then walked around and said hello to all my neighbors. Some missed me, some were annoyed that I hadn’t talked to them. Hey, life gets busy, chill out!

I also noticed that I had another new villager in my town, so I hurried over to their house to meet them. It’s Dalman (Hopper)! He’s a really cool penguin character I’ve never had in any of my other games. Even though he supposedly has a cranky personality, I hope he sticks around for awhile!

I didn’t have much time left to play, so I decided to go to Tanukichi’s shop and see what he had for sale. I saw something really weird when I approached his shop: all of the flowers I planted a couple weeks ago turned into weeds!

What in the hell…???

That’s never happened in any of the other games. In Animal Crossing, the flowers never die. In all subsequent games, the flowers will wilt after a few days of no water/ rain/ snow, but you can water them and they will come back to life. I’m stumped! There is no watering can in this game… I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe because it’s winter the flowers lost all their petals?

Anyway, I ended up buying a large festive tree from Tanukichi, even though I already have a small one in my house. I love the holiday season, what can I say! =)

What, don’t you have more than one Christmas tree in your house?

One other thing I’ve been thinking about. I wonder if you can build snowmen in this game too? I’m pretty sure you can, because an online guide I’ve been consulting shows the Snowman Series furniture. I didn’t see any snowballs tonight, but I didn’t do a full sweep of the town either. So, it’s possible I just didn’t see them. By the way, I only like to look up stuff when absolutely necessary, like if I’m trying to translate a name or something like that. I like discovering things on my own! Games are way more fun that way. I guess I will find out soon enough if I can make a snowman!

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