Winter In Wild World!

Just a quick post for tonight! I played some Animal Crossing: Wild World and was happy to see snow covering the ground, which means winter has officially come to Wild World!

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland…

I began walking around town and immediately tripped over a snowball, almost destroying it in the process! Luckily, it didn’t break up against the tree I pushed it into (they are very fragile when they are small!). I kept walking and soon found the other one.

Since I had found two snowballs, it was time to make a snowman! For some reason, I have a hard time making perfect snowmen in this game. I carefully formed the two halves of the snowman, and….

uh oh….

Ah….well, shit! How did the head suddenly get bigger than the body? It didn’t look that way when I had them side by side! Ugh! I almost destroyed the poor, misshapen thing with my shovel, but I decided to keep him around for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck!

After that debacle, I fished for awhile and dug up a fossil and gyroid. My pockets became full, and Nookington’s was already closed for the night, so I couldn’t sell my goods. That’s okay though. I’ll be earning a nice chunk of change when I turn the game on tomorrow. Good night everyone!

Oh yeah, and P.S.: No one has moved in since Octavian left yet. I’m expecting a new neighbor soon!

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