First (And Last) Impressions: Bloodborne!

A few days ago, my husband finally finished up the Metal Gear Solid game he had been grinding away on for weeks. He decided to start playing Bloodborne, a newer game for the PS4 that he had purchased recently. The game received rave reviews and is even going to be re-released with a Game of The Year Edition, at least for our European friends.

The loading screen, which you’ll be seeing an awful lot of!

A few minutes into the game, he came into my office, told me it was a ridiculous game and he was trading it in! He told me the difficulty level was insane and I should come check it out.

Being interested in the game myself, I sat down to play. I started out in some kind of gloomy room with a bunch of skeletons coming out of the floor at different moments. I took a moment to admire the scenery. This game is pretty!

I walked into another room where a very ugly werewolf (or Scourge Beast, if you want to get technical) was enjoying a human snack. He saw me, and immediately decided I looked tasty!

Well, shit!

I got a couple punches in, but it pretty much ripped my throat out. I died, then the game reloaded (the reload time is TOO long) and I went after him again. And… he killed me again. And again. What an asshole!

Another screen you will be seeing a lot of….

I decided to give the beast the middle finger and run past him. I ran up some steps and opened a door…. but my character took too long to open the door and the werewolf ate me again before I could get out into an area known as Central Yharnam. Uggh! The next time the game loaded, though, the door was already open, so I just ran through and was able to outrun Mr. Hungry.

The courtyard/ graveyard area I stood in was kind of neat, but there wasn’t much going on. I ran to one gate, which was locked, then ran to another gate on the opposite side of the courtyard. That one opened up for me, and I continued running towards who-knows-where!


The next area contained some overturned/ broken down wagons and random stuff, including dead bodies. I saw movement from behind one of the wagons, and I walked over to investigate. I thought maybe it was someone to talk to, someone that would give me some insight as to what the hell was going on.

Nope! Turned out it was a Huntsman, who immediately burned my ass and chopped me up with his axe! I tried a couple more times to kill him, but had no luck.

My husband played a little more, and at one point he almost defeated the Scourge Beast. It’s definitely apparent that this game takes practice, as the difficulty level is pretty high from the get-go.

Almost had him!

Is it a game I would want to play again? Maybe at some point. However, I have so many games that I need to play though, it would be a long time before I even got back to it. My husband decided he didn’t really want to deal with it, so he took it to Target the next day and traded it in. So long, Bloodborne!


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