Christmas Eve Fun With Doubutsu no Mori!

The holidays are here, which means that the next few days will be pretty busy. Nevertheless, I had some free time this afternoon to play Doubustu no Mori.

I was really happy when I came out of my house and saw that it was snowing! Also, my favorite music from Animal Crossing was playing (the Christmas theme). It immediately put me in the holiday spirit!

I ran around saying hello to all my villagers, many of whom said I hadn’t talked to them in two weeks.

One of my neighbors, Diana, even said she was pissed! Look at what my translator says!

That made me laugh. Sorry to piss you off, Diana! =) After saying hello to everyone, I went back to my house. Upon entering, I realized that I was infested with roaches! Yuck!

Look at those three little bastards, just waiting to be squished!

I stepped on them all and once my house was bug-free, I decided to do some fishing. I’ve greatly improved my fishing skills, but they still need a little bit of work.

Fishing from the waterfall was fun, even though all I caught was a can!

Besides catching a chiisaibasu (small bass) and a futsuunobasu (bass), I caught nothing but a bunch of wakasagi (pond smelt)! What is up with that!?!

I went to Tanukichi and sold my goods to him, then I bought some paper because I had a ton of fossils that I needed to mail away. I hate buying paper in this game because he only gives you one sheet at a time!

40 Bells for one sheet of paper? What a cheapskate!

I then mailed away all my fossils and saved my game for the day. Merry Christmas everyone!


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