A Quick Update…

Just wanted to write a quick update while I have a little bit of downtime! I got home late on Christmas Eve, but as I was putting stuff away and cleaning up, I realized that I needed to check Doubutsu no Mori to see if Jinguru (Jingle) was in town! Jinguru is the self-described black-nosed reindeer who visits your town on Christmas Eve to give you a gift. In Animal Crossing, he is walking around until 1 a.m. on Christmas morning. Since it was 12:52 a.m., I figured I needed to hurry up and find him!

Surprisingly, Jinguru was very close to my house when I began playing, so I thought that was cool! I spoke to him and he explained to me what he does every year and how he enjoys it. He didn’t give me a present, though, which meant that the holiday is identical to Animal Crossing. This means that you have to find and talk to Jinguru five separate times in order to get ONE gift. I figured there was no way I would do that before 1 a.m., but I tried anyway. I found him a second time, then as I found him for the third time, the clock struck 1 a.m. and he disappeared. Bummer! Next year I will get him to give me a gift for sure =)

Also, I just wanted to mention that last weekend I entered a fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World. I didn’t play the game for a few days, so I wasn’t sure if I won or not. I was happy to see that when I played the game very early this morning, I had a letter saying that I won! I got a fishing trophy for my troubles.

One last thing to say: I retired Christmas Sweeper for another year. Boo! It’s a fun game, but after the last level that took me forever to complete, I got kinda burned out on it. Maybe next year I will be in the mood to play more!

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