Quick Entry…

Because of the holidays, I haven’t been playing too many games the past few days. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about games, though! =) I have a neat idea for something that I want to do this upcoming year.

I have been enjoying the Animal Crossing series for years, but one thing I have yet to do in any of the games is see all of the holidays. Understandable for Doubutsu no Mori, since I just got the game in November, but somehow I’ve missed holidays in all the other games as well! This may be because I was busy, forgot about it, etc.

So, my gaming resolution of 2016 is this: I am going to make it a point to see every single holiday in every Animal Crossing game this year. Seriously. This seems like a tall order considering that’s FIVE games I have to account for, but I’m a very organized person. As long as I look ahead and write down the days I need to play, I don’t think I’ll have any problems.

With that being said… ONLY for this reason will I allow myself to time travel if I need to. And that would only be as a last resort because I turned the game on too late or I was too busy with the real-life version of the holiday to play.

So, I’m really excited for this! I’ll hope you’ll enjoy reading about all of my adventures as much as I’m going to enjoy playing and writing about them. Of course, I’ll be playing other games as well. My backlog isn’t getting any smaller! =)