Yay Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Ok, I really suck. I don’t know how I managed to totally screw up my January calendar of events for Animal Crossing… I must have been sleeping when I made it or something! I thought Yay Day was today, but it was last Sunday! So, time traveling I went…

Yay Day is a simple little holiday in Wild World where the whole point is to give compliments to your fellow villagers. They will give you compliments as well! It’s a very sweet idea, but sometimes it can backfire, as you will soon read…


The main way a conversation will go is like this: The villager gives you a compliment…

And you’re so cute!!

They then ask you for a compliment. which you type in…

And they thank you for it and become very flattered! Well, sometimes. Sometimes they don’t understand what you are saying for whatever reason, but they are happy anyway.

I said to Elmer what I said to Stitches. Stitches understood, he didn’t. Oh well!

Sometimes, crabby villagers like Kabuki will compliment you…

Um, thanks, gonad!

Then they will subsequently ruin it by acting like a jerk! I love you anyway, Kabuki.

The worst thing, though, is when they absolutely hate your compliment! Why is that even a thing? Shouldn’t they be grateful?! Just look at what Antonio said to me:

After Antonio’s shit, I was in no mood to give out anymore compliments. I ran into Pate and gave her a silly compliment that she actually ending up loving. Phew, there is some redemption for this holiday!

Whew, I was worried…

Besides participating in Yay Day, I took a moment to say hello to my newest villager, Kitt the kangaroo. She is very cute!


I also tried to talk Twiggy out of moving. Hopefully she listens!

Don’t go, Twiggy!

That’s it for Yay Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Bye for now!

Run Here, Run There!

I’ve been making some progress in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, and I’ve got to say: this game is slightly getting on my nerves now. All I am doing is running back and forth carrying on errands for a bunch of assholes that seem to think Tor is an annoying little fly. It’s like they think he’ll just go away if they give him enough boring tasks to do! Anyway, here’s a little bit of what I’ve done.

Farther on down Farm Road, some bitch was complaining that there were killer weeds in her back field. All right then, let’s kill them! I knew I was in the right area when the music changed ominously.

I charged the offending…weed…thing, and the first time around, it actually kicked my ass! Why isn’t there a block button?!? I try to run away when something’s attacking me, but the camera goes a little wonky sometimes and I have no idea where I am.

Well, shit…

The second time around, I was more prepared for the way I was going to be attacked, so I kicked the asses of those killer weeds! I also ran into some guy who was blue for some reason, but I couldn’t figure out why. Moving on…

Some old fart was hearing noises in his root cellar and wanted me to check it out. His kid thought it might be a Spyder. Funny, when “spyder” is spelled like that, I think of my car, which is a convertible.

Anywho! I went down into his creepy root cellar, killed the beasts, and found a fog mote while I was at it. Yay for me!

Next, I ran into another old fart who was being attacked by crows- er, Crokabeks. You know the pattern by now… I chopped up those crows into delicious little bits, earned some cool fruit/ vegetable/ something, and moved on with my life.

I entered the outskirts of Meridell, where I found another cute PetPet! I couldn’t feed it for some reason, so I was bummed about that.

Be my friend!

I want to make a note here that so far, the game seems to insist on very linear progress. You can’t stray very far from your current goal! For instance, I tried to go into the cave shown below, but it wouldn’t let me yet! Whatever.

What’s in here?!?!

When I got to Meridell Village, two fat squirrel things tagged teamed me and stole my package! Those bastards! Luckily, I got it back. I delivered the package to a crabby old bastard who told me I could become a squire, but first I needed a shield. Okayyy….

I attempted to go to the armory, but the lady there was a total bitch and told me I didn’t have enough money! She told me I could go win a shield. FINE!

What is wrong with people in this game?

After engaging in a quick battle and winning a shield, I headed back to the Recruitment Center. Maybe now I could finally become a squire! However, Sergeant Sassypants told me I needed a knight to sponsor me. Oh hell!

The one knight I was able to talk to was drowning his sorrows at a bar because his sword broke. He wouldn’t help me further until I took it upon myself to find his sword pieces and reforge it! Can’t anyone do ANYTHING themselves around here?!?


After speaking to some guardsmen, I figured out where the sword pieces were, then went to retrieve the sword hilt from a prisoner. I had to pay 100 coins for it WTF!

The smithy was also a douche bag until I told him I had Master Torak’s sword for him to reforge. He then did it for free. What is with the people in this game?

Wow, aren’t you sweet.

Happy at last, Master Torak the whiny ass knight signed my sponsorship papers, so I went BACK to the Recruitment Center. And wouldn’t you know… now Officer Asshole wants me to have a Letter of Consent signed by my parents! OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. Can you just tell me everything I need to do so I can get it all done in one shot!

You have got to be kidding me!

I decided this was a good stopping point for now. Like I said, the game is getting on my nerves a bit. It is fun and entertaining, but the back and forth nature of the quests seems a bit unnecessary. The camera is annoying too. Nevertheless, I will continue on and see what happens next!

2016 Gaming Goals!

As I may have mentioned before, I like to pick a game to play, beat it, then start the process all over again. If “real life” didn’t get in the way, I’d have all the time in the world to play games and I wouldn’t have a backlog at all! Anyway, it’s a new year, so I’ve decided to set some gaming goals for myself. You know, just for funzies 😉

My goal is this: I will actually work on three games at a time. I’ll choose one console game, one handheld game, and one mobile game. That way, I can have a few games going at once and they will likely be radically different from one another, so I shouldn’t get burned out.

As a bonus, I’ll also be playing my Animal Crossing games! That way I can keep up with each of my villages and honestly, Animal Crossing is a great way for me to unwind after a  long day. This is why I often post blogs about my game play late at night!

So, the console game I am working on right now is Neopets: The Darkest Faerie for the PlayStation 2. You may have already figured that out because I’ve written posts about the game! I’ve played a little more since my last post, so I need to write an update about it! That’ll happen soon.

As for the handheld game I will be working on, I’ve chosen Pokemon Blue for the Game Boy. Yes, seriously. I’ve owned this game for many years and never actually beaten it! I actually have a really dirty secret… I own at least one Pokemon game from each generation and I’ve yet to compete any of them! Haha! I’ll consider this a start. I’m going to reset my file and start from the beginning, because I don’t even know what I was doing when I stopped playing!

Lastly, for my mobile game, I’m currently playing Puzzle Craft. This game is fun, but repetitive- hence why I stopped playing it for awhile. I’ve decided that in order to “beat” the game, I need to unlock all the buildings and turn my little settlement into a full-fledged town! Right now, I’m at Level 13, so I’ve built things up quite a bit.

Anyway, so there’s a little about my gaming goals this year! I’m not really putting any pressure on myself, I’m just trying to beat more of my games. Hopefully this is a New Year’s resolution I can stick to! 😉 Good night everyone!

My First Snowman!

I was in the mood for some Doubutsu no Mori last night, so I turned the game on and settled in for a relaxing game play session! I realized that I hadn’t played since I purchased all of the grab bags during Shogatsu, so I opened those up. Well, I tried to anyway. At first, my pockets were too full, and the game told me that the bag wouldn’t open if I didn’t have three spaces available! Geez, the nerve!

Do you ever feel like Animal Crossing games sometimes like to sass you for no reason?

I got a few good things in the grab bags. I really like the star shirt I got, for example. But then I opened up stuff that was total crap, like ugly wallpaper and two traffic cones. TWO. What the hell do I need those for?!

Overall, I enjoyed opening all the grab bags, because you never know what you’re getting! I kept a few things (like the star shirt and the wooden floor shown below) and sold the rest for a nice little profit.

My house is looking cozy!

With that out of the way, I began strolling through town, talking to villagers and digging up fossils/ gyroids. I stopped by the dump and found this extremely weird shirt! It looks like blood stains! When I translated the name of it, it simply said “scoop.” Um, whatever! It’ll be cool to wear around Halloween.

Meanwhile, Kizzu asked for my birthday. I better get a nice present when it rolls around!

I better get a present!

Next, I stopped to meet a new villager. His name is Hippocrates (Rollo) and he seems pretty cool and fun! Welcome to Weezey,  Hippocrates!

When I was running by the police station, I surprised myself by kicking a snowball! I didn’t even see it! I’m so happy to see snowballs in this game. I kept an eye out for the other one while I finished my walk around town. I soon found it, but when I tried to roll it over my bridge, it fell into the water! There was nothing I could do but watch helplessly as it floated away.

Luckily, I went into my house and came back out, which resets the snowballs. I found the new one quickly, which was nice. I didn’t feel like running around everywhere trying to find it! I decided to make a snowman right by my house. He seemed pleased with the way he turned out!

The last thing I wanted to do was mail some fossils away. When I did that, it pushed the mail into my mailbox, and I was delighted to see that I had a letter from the snowman I had just built! He gave me a snowman carpet for my troubles.

So there you have it! I was happy I made a perfect snowman in this game on my first try, especially because it’s not really that easy to do sometimes! See ya!

Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk!

So, Saturday was the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk. I mistakenly said it was on Sunday! How did I get that mixed up?!? So of course, by the time I played, I was a day late. This means I had no choice but to do some time travel. Ah, well. Let the fishing tourney begin!

I’m turned sideways because I was getting reamed by Resetti for not saving my game. Kiss my ass, mole!

I headed over to speak to Chip, who told me that this was a pond smelt tourney, and that Harry was currently in the lead. I headed to the river to break his record!

As luck would have it, the first fish I caught was a pond smelt! I was off to a great start.

Woo hoo!

I fished a bit more, and I ended up catching five more pond smelts (and a can, uggh!) I figured ONE of them had to be a winner!

The weed behind my head matches my bedhead! Ha!

I went back to Chip, and I didn’t have much luck at first. Finally, when I handed him my second-to-last fish, it broke Harry’s record!

It’s barely a new record, but it will have to do!

There wasn’t much time left, so I went to the museum to donate a couple fish that I had caught, and when I was done with that, the clock chimed 6 p.m. and the tourney was officially over.

I hope I won!

Since I got screwed in the Wild World tourney, I was apprehensive. Did my record hold up, or did some jerk beat me at the last second?


Yay! I won! My prize is in the mail. 😉

That’s it for the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk. See you next time!

Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Today was the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Any kind of fish is accepted, which actually can make things a little tricky! As with the New Leaf tourney yesterday, I fished later in the day in the hopes that it would improve my chances of winning.

Let’s do this!

When I started up the game, I checked my mail really quick. I was sad to see that there was a letter from Gladys saying that she had moved! Boo! She was one of my favorite villagers, and I’ve had her in my town for a long time. 😦

Why did you leave me, Gladys? 

After being bummed out by her letter, I headed over to Tortimer at the town hall to chat with him and see what the competition was like.

A sea bass is the biggest entry? Awesome! Sea bass are fairly common (okay, sometimes TOO common) and they are relatively big fish, so I thought that wouldn’t be too hard to catch. Sure enough, the first fish I reeled in was a sea bass!

Off to a good start!

I kept fishing for awhile, catching a few more sea bass and some other smaller fish to sell off. When I turned the first sea bass in to Tortimer, he told me the record was now held by Stitches for catching a red snapper! WTF man!

Luckily, the next sea bass I had in my pocket was way bigger. Ha! I was back in the lead, and with only about 5 minutes to go, I thought I had it in the bag.

Beat that, Stitches!

I decided to stroll along the beach and see if I could catch at least one more fish. If you beat your own record, you get an extra prize from Tortimer! I did end up catching one, but when I turned it in…

You have got to be kidding me!! With two minutes left in the competition, someone beat me! Ugh! Talk about a rip off. I tried to see if I could hurry up and catch something else, but when I got to the beach, the clock chimed 6 p.m. and I was officially out of time. I tried to take a pic of the ending comment for the fishing tourney, but I was too late, so I ended up with this:

Well, that’s… artistic.

Haha! Anyway, normally the next day you get a letter in the mail if you’ve won the tourney, plus it is posted on the bulletin board. This time, I know I didn’t win squat. Oh well. I’ve still got the fishing tourney in City Folk to write about, so stay tuned for that! Bye!

Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Today was the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! During the fishing tourney, you have until 6 p.m. to catch the biggest fish. I like to play toward the later part of the day, when someone else has already set the record. That way I can see what I have to beat, and normally if I beat the record, it’s close to 6 p.m. and no one else can beat ME!

Bring it!

As soon as I exited my house, I headed over to Chip so he could explain the rules to me.

I headed down to the beach in search of horse mackerels. Lucky me, I caught one on my first try! My character looks a little stoned, so I’m surprised she caught anything at all. 😉

Haha, what were you doing before you caught that fish?!

I caught a few more fish for good measure, then took them up to Chip for evaluation. NONE of them were big enough to take over first place! Crap! It wasn’t looking good for me.


I headed on down to the beach to fish a little more. I only had about 6 minutes left to fish, so I figured my chances weren’t very good. To my surprise, I caught an 18.50 inch horse mackerel, which I knew would take over first place!

I rushed over to Chip, who confirmed that I was now in the lead. He also gave me a puffer fish tv, which I was super excited about! I’ve been wanting one of those!

With only a couple minutes left of the tourney, I decided to sell off the other fish I had caught. I also took a quick trip to Main Street to visit the museum and say hello to some of my past villagers.

Flurry, why did you move? I loved you!

As I crossed the railroad tracks back into town, I was alerted that the fishing tourney was over. All right, time to see if I won!

Wow, I’m really having trouble keeping my eyes open!

Following Chip’s instructions, I headed into the tent for the awards ceremony. And… yay! I got first place!

Look how cute and happy everyone is! I snagged a gold trophy for my efforts.

Everyone is so happy! Aww!

That’s it for the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I had a lot of fun. Tomorrow, there is a fishing tourney in both Wild World and City Folk, so be expecting entries about them as well. Good night!

Beginning Neopets: The Darkest Faerie!

As I previously stated in another post, once I finish one game, I like to choose another one to play and beat. Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is a game that I have had in my PS2 library for quite some time. In fact, a quick look at my saved game data before I started anew told me that I last played 10/05/2007. Oops! I didn’t get very far in the game anyway, so I didn’t mind starting over.

Now, keep in mind that I do not know a whole lot about the Neopets universe. I know for a long time it was a very popular website and I even visited it a few times. There was a lot of stuff to do, but I couldn’t really get into it because I felt like it was a giant time suck! Some of the games were pretty fun, and there were a lot of cute characters to collect and take care of. I don’t know how active people are on the site nowadays, but if you are interested, you can visit it here.

Anyway! I picked up The Darkest Faerie because it was cheap and I thought if the Neopets website was kinda cool, this game might was worth a couple bucks. Now, 8 1/2 years later, I’m about to find it if it was money well spent! 😉

New game, here I come!

I began gameplay as Tormund (or Tor, for short). Tor is a… wolf? I wasn’t sure, so a quick reference check told me he is a Lupe. Sweet, close enough! Anyway, Tor just wants to be a knight, but at the beginning of the game, I have to do mindless shit for his family members who can’t seem to help themselves!

First, his dumb sister makes me round up some Whinnies that escaped their pen. Just look at the stank eye that little bastard is giving me!

I don’t know what you are, but I don’t like you!

Next, Tor’s mom wants me to fill up a bucket of water. Why? Because she’s lazy, that’s why! Anyway, once I filled the bucket up, the water pump broke. Shit. Now I have to go find Tor’s father to have him fix it.

Dear old dad is in the barn, where he tells me that I need to go on top of the barn to retrieve his pliers. Well, why the fuck are they up there in the first place?!

Finally, Tor’s dad fixes the pump and tells me to meet him in the house because he has something important to tell me. When I get there, he says I need to deliver an important package to Meridell… and that I get to carry a sword! Finally, a weapon!! I grab the sword (ugh, it’s only a wooden sword!) and start chopping everything up!


I even tried to kill Tor’s mom, but she didn’t even flinch. Bummer.

Why won’t you die?!?!

After taking a brief detour to make some weird poses and trample through a field of crops, I head off on my merry way towards Meridell.

Along the Farm Road, I ran into some asshole bandits trying to rob a poor frog-beggar-thing. I stabbed them with my sword repeatedly until they retreated. To thank me, the beggar gave me an amulet that allows me to use motes. Motes, when equipped, infuse your sword with all kinds of fun magic!

Farther along down the road, I spotted someone else that I tried to stab. Oops, it was my friend Claire. She just wants to play hide and seek!

Diediediediedie…. oops, we’re friends! Sorry!

I found her, and she gave me a dark magic mote. Yes! Dark magic is more my style!!

While playing hide and seek, I found this cute little PetPet. I fed it, and it followed me around for awhile. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to do yet, but it sure is cute!


I saw a few more characters on the road that probably need my help, and I want to speak to each of them before I continue to Meridell. I figure they will probably give me more motes if I complete their tasks! For the time being, though, I saved my game and called it a night.

So far so good with this game! I don’t really know what’s going on yet, but I’m enjoying myself anyway. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Bowser vs. Kirby!

I earned a free play today on Nintendo Badge Arcade, so I choose a machine with Kirby characters in it. I got a Kirby (yay) so I put him on the home screen of my Nintendo 3DS. It’s a funny little scene: an angry Bowser is breathing fire, and Kirby looks like he’s sucking it up!

I am easily entertained.

As you can see, MY real life Bowser could care less about starting trouble with Kirby.

Bowser doesn’t want any trouble!

In fact, he’s more of a lover than a fighter.

Bowser will chill pretty much anywhere, or on anything!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

First Impressions: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival!

Even though I got Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival almost 2 months ago, I didn’t play it until today! I was too busy trying to pay off my house in Wild World, plus with the busy holiday season, I just wasn’t really in the mood to try out a new game. I’m still feeling like crap, so I figured today was just as good a day as any to check it out!

Now, I know this game has gotten a lot of flack. For example, IGN calls the game “adorable, but often boring.” (read their review here). In fact, most reviews have been negative. That doesn’t really deter me from playing the game, however. As I’ve said before, I give pretty much any game a fair chance and I could care less what kind of rating it gets.

Anyway! Upon starting the game, I was greeted with a couple cheerful screens.

I had to tap my Amiibo character to begin. Sweet Goldie appeared and announced that we would be playing a board game that would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes if played with 4 characters. Damn! That seems like a bit of a commitment. There’s an option to play a truncated version of the game, but I went all in. I wanted to play this game out in its entirety!

Next up, Goldie explained some of the rules and regulations.

I have a feeling I’ll be landing on a lot of those purple spaces!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the calendar month you were playing in actually matches up to the real time calendar instead of some generic “January” model. That’s a neat touch!

January 2016, hmm? Very cool!

With all the explanations out of the way, it was time to begin the game! My first space I landed on was a positive space that earned me some bells.

Wow, maybe I won’t suck so bad after all!

Throughout the month, different characters from the Animal Crossing world will appear. There’s Joan, who will sell you turnips every Sunday…

You better be sellin’ your turnips cheap, lady! I don’t like to gamble!

You’ll notice in the screenshot below that each space has a number on it. This is the value of the turnips for that space. When you are finished with your move, you’ll be given the option to sell your turnips. Prices fluctuate often, so don’t be surprised if you get screwed and have to sell for a loss! If you don’t sell your turnips by Saturday, the game will automatically force you to sell them for the price of whatever space you land on.

Hopefully I can sell my turnips for a profit!

There’s also Crazy Redd, trying to sell you cards that can alter game play slightly…

And Katrina, who tells your fortune. When I landed on her, I drew a card that allowed me to collect money every time someone rolled a 5. Sweet!

Phineas also appears, giving Bells to a random person selected on his roulette wheel.

You are not my “favorite old gramps” you jerk!

Katie shows up to trade cards with you. If you have no cards, she will play a game with you and you can possibly win one from her!

Dr. Shrunk will also show up and do… something. I’m not really sure what, because neither I nor the computer characters landed on one of his spaces!

What’s your point?

One thing that was cute was the fact that there was a fishing tourney on January 16th- this happens to correspond to the date of the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World! Somehow, I managed to land on the space that nabbed me the biggest fish.

When the month was over, all the Bells you collect are turned into Happy Points, and the player that has the most Happy Points wins the game. Ugh! I was off by only a few points!

To me, this game is like a mix between Mario Party, Life, and Payday. Overall, I do think this game is cute. Yes, the game play is a bit slow. I wish there was some way to speed through the computer character’s turns. I wish there was more interactivity- I don’t want to just read about what went on during that “day” in the character’s turn, I want to actually participate in it! This is more of a passive experience than anything. There are a few mini-games to play, but I haven’t come across any of those yet.

Once I completed this round, I found out that I unlocked all of the other months and could choose which month I wanted to play. That’s pretty neat, and I’ll be interested to see what events happen during each month.

This game is perfect if you’re feeling how I’m feeling today- sick, tired, and just wanting to relax. If you want a game that’s engaging and fast-paced, this is not it. It’s still worth a look if you are an Animal Crossing fan, though!