Shogatsu in Doubutsu no Mori!

2016 has begun! When I loaded my village in Doubustu no Mori, I was greeted with cheerful music which signified that it was Shogatsu (New Year’s Day). I checked out the bulletin board, where Tanukichi was wishing everyone a Happy New Year. And, of course, he was just trying to advertise his store!

Another example of some English found in the game =)

I wanted to head down to the shrine, but first I checked my map. I noticed a new villager had moved in very close to my house, so I went to go meet them! I was delighted to see that it was Kenta (Goose)! He’s one of my favorite characters in the game.

Yay, Kenta! I hope he sticks around for awhile!

After chatting with Kenta for a moment, I decided to pop into Tanukichi’s store since I was close by it. Instead of his normal wares, he was selling grab bags for 2016 Bells a piece. Sure, I’m trying to pay off my house, but I couldn’t help it… I bought them all!

You never know what kind of fun stuff I might find in those bags! Haha! I didn’t open them yet, because I wanted to get to the shrine and see what my animal pals were up to.

When I arrived in the acre the shrine is located in, the music changed to a beautiful Japanese tone that obviously was not in the other games. I couldn’t help but feel blessed that I am even able to play this game in the first place. It may sound silly to someone who doesn’t enjoy video games the way that I do, but as I have stated in previous entries, this was my most coveted game ever and part of me still can’t believe I own it! I feel like I’m getting a peak into a beautiful culture that I wasn’t born into, but can surely appreciate and enjoy.

The first thing I noticed was Hakkemi was set up at a table instead of her usual tent. I allowed her to read my fortune for 50 bells. Although it was an okay reading, she still told me not to take it too seriously. Moving on…

Several of my villagers were lined up, waiting to ring the bell on the shrine. I spoke to Tama, who asked if I wanted to participate. I did, so I got in line behind her and when she was done, it was my turn to ring the bell!

The whole purpose of ringing the bell is to pray for good fortune in the new year. That sounds pretty cool to me!

Overall, Shogatsu is a fun holiday that I was happy to participate in. If you don’t know much about the actual holiday in Japan, please check out this article on Japan-Guide. It is actually a three day long, bad ass celebration over there!

Thanks for reading! The next blog entry will detail New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing. =)


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