New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: City Folk!

Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii is probably the Animal Crossing game that I have played the least out of all the games in the series. It’s not that I don’t like the game. I just felt like the controls were a bit awkward, and I noticed a lot of elements from Wild World (including the music) were re-used, which made the game seem a port versus a brand new game. This game did reintroduce old holidays as well as introduce some new ones, though, which I enjoyed. The main thing I did not like about this game is the grass wear. This feature was suppose to help you create “paths” over the areas you frequently walked in, but as everyone who has played the game knows, it just looks HIDEOUS! I remember playing and getting so pissed off because I could literally see the grass melting away as I walked.

With all that being said, this game is still a lot of fun, and I enjoy it a lot. I figure it has probably been 3 or 4 years since I played. When my game loaded, I had the bedhead to prove it!

Even though I’m wearing a hat, my hair is still sticking up!

I checked my mailbox and read letters from some of my friends. Considering I haven’t played in so long, I’m surprised anyone sent me anything!

I popped into my house to see what I had going on. My house is still quite small, but I was happy to see my entire Creepy Series on display! This series was distributed by Nintendo in 2012 as DLC, and I was really happy when it came out! This is probably my favorite set in the entire game.

I wandered around my town for a bit before furthering my New Year’s Day activities, because I could barely remember what my town looked like. It was nice to get reacquainted, though I cringe at the thought of the grass dying as I play. The controls felt really weird to me, too, but that’s probably because playing with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk just doesn’t flow with this game.

I reached town hall and chatted up Tortimer, who wished me a Happy New Year and gave me a commemorative 2016 shirt. Check it out!

As always, Tom Nook was exploiting his business on the bulletin board.

No comment…

After hanging out with Tortimer, I headed south to Tom Nook’s shop, and was surprised to see that I only had Nookway. I can’t believe I never spent enough money to get Nookington’s, which is the final expansion of Tom Nook’s store. Wow, I really have slacked when it comes to playing this game!

I still have money to spend before I see the biggest store!

I chatted up every single villager I could find, but no one really told me how long I was gone. They said stuff like this instead:

So silly, but so cute!

Oh well! Maybe when I am finally done paying off my house in Wild World, I will play this game a bit more. That’s it for New Year’s Day in City Folk. Next up is New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Bye for now!

New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World!

New Year’s Day, along with New Year’s Eve, are pretty much the only real world holidays Animal Crossing: Wild World includes in-game. This was in an effort to make the game appeal to any culture, anywhere in the world. In lieu of real holidays, Wild World has several of its own unique holidays that you will see me writing about at later dates.

The first thing I noticed when I exited my house was that my hybrid flowers were wilted again. Dammit! I can’t seem to keep these suckers lookin’ good.

Why do they not stay pretty?!

I checked my mailbox and discovered that several of my favorite villagers had sent me sweet letters to ring in the new year.

I was heading over to the town hall when I ran into Kabuki. Wow, I’m always nice to him- what does he mean by what he says?!

I thought we were friends!


When I reached town hall, I spoke to Tortimer, who gave me a fortune that I actually hope applies to my real life!

Before I headed for home, I checked the bulletin board. I know this will surprise everyone, but Tom Nook took the New Year as an opportunity to advertise, just like in the other games!

Dear friends, my ass! You just want our money!

That’s it for New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Next up will be a blog post about New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Bye!

New Year’s Day In Animal Crossing!

I was excited to play the GameCube (GCN) version of Animal Crossing, even though I know I have played through the holiday in this game before. This was the game that made me fall in love with the Animal Crossing series, and I have sunk countless hours into it collecting furniture, befriending animals, and discovering all the little secrets the game has to offer. I have owned this game since the day it was released in North America in 2002.

In recent years, however, I have not played this game very frequently. There are many reasons for this, mainly because (1) I have a lot of other games to play and (2) I have completed many of the tasks in the game. Though the game continues on forever without a definite end, eventually there just aren’t a lot of things to do.

Because it has been a long while since I have played this game, I was ready to dive back in! The first thing I did was check my mailbox, which contained a couple strange letters. Why did I order a mossy stone?!

Then I checked the bulletin board, where Tom Nook was displaying a not-so-subtle advertisement for Nookington’s.

Dude, you have the ONLY store in town! It’s not like we can go anywhere else!

I then entered my house and spent about 5 minutes squashing roaches. Gross! That’s what I get for not playing. When I was done with that, I took a moment to admire the way I had decorated my main room. Looks pretty nice to me!

… And then I went upstairs. What. In. The. Hell! I must have been in the process of redoing something, but this is just… pure shit. 😉

I have no idea what is going on in here!

Finally, I entered my basement, which is pretty much how I remembered it. Kind of cluttered, but there are still a lot of rare items, NES games and models in here.

I need to use up all those tickets just laying all over the floor!

After surveying my home, I headed for the wishing well, which is where the New Year’s Day celebration was taking place. I was amazed at how many weeds there were!

That’s just embarrassing…

Upon my arrival at the well, I visited Katrina’s table to get my fortune told.

Humor me, Katrina!

I then talked to Jeremiah. Despite the fact that I scared him, he offered to let me take a turn throwing a penny into the well! I made a wish, then threw my money in.

I felt cheerful for about three seconds until this bitch had some nerve:

Your rudeness pisses me off, Queenie!

Then I chatted with Mayor Tortimer, who gave me his advice.

Right on!

Note that Tortimer will also give you a journal for the new year if it is your first time playing this event. I didn’t get diddly squat since I’ve already played before!

I headed back to my house to save my game, but first I ran into Poncho. He seemed to have a clue as to where I’ve been all this time!

This game is almost self-aware at times. Cool, but creepy!

As you can see from the picture above, I give my animals dirty catchphrases sometimes. I just can’t help myself. Lo and behold, Poncho asked me to give him a new one because his was getting stale. Check out how happy he is!

Yes, Poncho, that phrase will make you SO popular!

I felt bad about neglecting my town for so long, so I returned to the game after midnight to see if I could find Wisp so he would get rid of all my weeds for me. I also chatted up several of my animals to see if someone would tell me just how long I’d been gone. I don’t know why, but I spoke to Queenie again:

I didn’t ask for your opinion, bird brain!

Ugh! She is so rude! Anyway, Axel finally told me that I had been gone for 36 months…

Cool fact about Axel: he has been in my town since I started the game!! 

Wow! Three whole years without playing?! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Well, at least SOMEONE was happy to see me!

Nice to see you too, Rizzo!

Talking to Rizzo paid off, because he wanted that weird mossy stone I randomly ordered three years ago.

Glad you are excited about the mossy stone, cuz I wasn’t!

I walked my whole town, but there was no sign of Wisp. Dammit! The weeds will just have to stay for now, because I am not picking them all! I did decide to make a snowman just for funzies, though. I thought I did good, but it turned out I sucked just as bad as I usually do.

I really enjoyed playing Animal Crossing today! After so long away from the game, it was a welcome return. I’m sure I will play it more in the days to come. I can’t bear to leave my second floor looking so crappy! The next blog entry will be about New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Bye!