New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World!

New Year’s Day, along with New Year’s Eve, are pretty much the only real world holidays Animal Crossing: Wild World includes in-game. This was in an effort to make the game appeal to any culture, anywhere in the world. In lieu of real holidays, Wild World has several of its own unique holidays that you will see me writing about at later dates.

The first thing I noticed when I exited my house was that my hybrid flowers were wilted again. Dammit! I can’t seem to keep these suckers lookin’ good.

Why do they not stay pretty?!

I checked my mailbox and discovered that several of my favorite villagers had sent me sweet letters to ring in the new year.

I was heading over to the town hall when I ran into Kabuki. Wow, I’m always nice to him- what does he mean by what he says?!

I thought we were friends!


When I reached town hall, I spoke to Tortimer, who gave me a fortune that I actually hope applies to my real life!

Before I headed for home, I checked the bulletin board. I know this will surprise everyone, but Tom Nook took the New Year as an opportunity to advertise, just like in the other games!

Dear friends, my ass! You just want our money!

That’s it for New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Next up will be a blog post about New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Bye!

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