Evil the Cat!

Just a short entry for tonight! My friend and I were at work today discussing my FAVORITE topic- video games! 😉 I started telling him all about the funky goodness that is Earthworm Jim. He had never heard of it, so I told him all about the game and what kind of weird shit was in it. Basically, it’s somebody’s acid trip turned into a video game! I own the SNES version.

This game is so weird!

My favorite level in the game is What the Heck?. In this level, you are in… hell!

Fun fact: the debug menu lists this level’s name as Hell or Heck?.

Bad ass music plays, creepy shadow things try to eat you, lawyers are everywhere, and there is a cat dancing in the background!

The cat turns out to be the boss, and his name is Evil. Evil apparently has no heart and wants Earthworm Jim’s suit. Or something like that.

Evil the Cat is not evil, just misunderstood!

Anyway, I was just thinking about the game and thought I’d write a short post about it. None of this screenshots are actually mine, so I don’t claim them at all! =) Maybe I’ll have to play the game soon, as it has been several years. Good night!