La-Di-Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Today is La-Di-Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. The whole point of this special event is for villagers to sing to you in the hopes that their song will be chosen as the next town tune! I hadn’t changed the town tune in awhile, so I was ready for something new!

Time for the villagers to sing their hearts out!

I wanted to give everyone a chance to show me what they could come up with, so I spent some time talking to everyone and listening to their songs!

While talking to my villagers, some of them had some pretty funny things to say to me today. Take Kabuki for example:

I’m pretty sure Kabuki is my spirit guide. I love his cynicism! 

Or Stitches, who is so damn adorable I could just eat him up!

Cute overload!

Pate even complimented me, though I’m not sure why. Can she SEE what I’m wearing right now? I don’t think “hot” is really the look I’m going for.

Anyway, in the end there could only be one winner. I thought Kabuki’s song was the best, so I went back to him to tell him he had won. But when I spoke to him, I realized that he was singing me a different town tune! Oops! Apparently, I had forgotten that if you tell an animal “That won’t do” after they sing you a song, they sing you something else the next time you talk to them. No matter. I still gave Kabuki my vote!

That’s it for La-Di-Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. See ya next time!