Animal Crossing Always Remembers…

One of the things that is sweet (but sometimes a little creepy) about all of the Animal Crossing games is how the villagers never forget people who live in or have visited your town. I was playing Animal Crossing: Wild World earlier, when this dialogue popped up regarding a constellation in the sky:

Talk about a blast from the past!

I thought that was really neat! Many years ago, when this game first came out, my best friend and I got together with our games and played a local multiplayer session (this means that no WiFi is necessary to play). You see, the only way to get Nookington’s (the biggest store) in this version is to have someone from another town visit your current store and buy something! So we took turns visiting each other and buying goods. We apparently shared constellations as well, but this is the first time in a very long time any of my villagers has even mentioned Crissy as the designer of that constellation! I wonder if she even plays this game anymore 😉 I will have to ask her the next time I talk to her!

That’s it for tonight everyone. Later!