No More Debt!

Today, I finally did it… I finally paid off my house in Animal Crossing: Wild World! I needed about 90,000 Bells to finish my payment, so I spent some time yesterday and today fishing and digging up a few fossils until I reached my goal.


Pelly seemed surprised by my accomplishment.

Oh my goodness! Did you think I never would be able to do it? Bitch!

Meanwhile, my character couldn’t wait to go outside and shout the good news to the rooftops!

I then went to Tom Nook, who told me he could no longer expand my house.

I feel SO HAPPY that I finally paid my house off, but I also feel kinda sad. Paying off your mortgage is one of the main goals to attain in any Animal Crossing game- and *I* consider the game beaten after doing so. So, to finally be done after all these years is somewhat bittersweet! That doesn’t mean I will abandon my town, however! I still have my goal of playing all the holidays in every Animal Crossing game, so my town will not be forgotten.

With all that being said, it is time to pick a new game from my backlog to play and beat! I decided to look through my PlayStation 2 games, and I picked an odd one: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie! More on that in my next blog entry. Good night!