First Impressions: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival!

Even though I got Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival almost 2 months ago, I didn’t play it until today! I was too busy trying to pay off my house in Wild World, plus with the busy holiday season, I just wasn’t really in the mood to try out a new game. I’m still feeling like crap, so I figured today was just as good a day as any to check it out!

Now, I know this game has gotten a lot of flack. For example, IGN calls the game “adorable, but often boring.” (read their review here). In fact, most reviews have been negative. That doesn’t really deter me from playing the game, however. As I’ve said before, I give pretty much any game a fair chance and I could care less what kind of rating it gets.

Anyway! Upon starting the game, I was greeted with a couple cheerful screens.

I had to tap my Amiibo character to begin. Sweet Goldie appeared and announced that we would be playing a board game that would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes if played with 4 characters. Damn! That seems like a bit of a commitment. There’s an option to play a truncated version of the game, but I went all in. I wanted to play this game out in its entirety!

Next up, Goldie explained some of the rules and regulations.

I have a feeling I’ll be landing on a lot of those purple spaces!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the calendar month you were playing in actually matches up to the real time calendar instead of some generic “January” model. That’s a neat touch!

January 2016, hmm? Very cool!

With all the explanations out of the way, it was time to begin the game! My first space I landed on was a positive space that earned me some bells.

Wow, maybe I won’t suck so bad after all!

Throughout the month, different characters from the Animal Crossing world will appear. There’s Joan, who will sell you turnips every Sunday…

You better be sellin’ your turnips cheap, lady! I don’t like to gamble!

You’ll notice in the screenshot below that each space has a number on it. This is the value of the turnips for that space. When you are finished with your move, you’ll be given the option to sell your turnips. Prices fluctuate often, so don’t be surprised if you get screwed and have to sell for a loss! If you don’t sell your turnips by Saturday, the game will automatically force you to sell them for the price of whatever space you land on.

Hopefully I can sell my turnips for a profit!

There’s also Crazy Redd, trying to sell you cards that can alter game play slightly…

And Katrina, who tells your fortune. When I landed on her, I drew a card that allowed me to collect money every time someone rolled a 5. Sweet!

Phineas also appears, giving Bells to a random person selected on his roulette wheel.

You are not my “favorite old gramps” you jerk!

Katie shows up to trade cards with you. If you have no cards, she will play a game with you and you can possibly win one from her!

Dr. Shrunk will also show up and do… something. I’m not really sure what, because neither I nor the computer characters landed on one of his spaces!

What’s your point?

One thing that was cute was the fact that there was a fishing tourney on January 16th- this happens to correspond to the date of the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World! Somehow, I managed to land on the space that nabbed me the biggest fish.

When the month was over, all the Bells you collect are turned into Happy Points, and the player that has the most Happy Points wins the game. Ugh! I was off by only a few points!

To me, this game is like a mix between Mario Party, Life, and Payday. Overall, I do think this game is cute. Yes, the game play is a bit slow. I wish there was some way to speed through the computer character’s turns. I wish there was more interactivity- I don’t want to just read about what went on during that “day” in the character’s turn, I want to actually participate in it! This is more of a passive experience than anything. There are a few mini-games to play, but I haven’t come across any of those yet.

Once I completed this round, I found out that I unlocked all of the other months and could choose which month I wanted to play. That’s pretty neat, and I’ll be interested to see what events happen during each month.

This game is perfect if you’re feeling how I’m feeling today- sick, tired, and just wanting to relax. If you want a game that’s engaging and fast-paced, this is not it. It’s still worth a look if you are an Animal Crossing fan, though!


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival!

  1. Sorry that you’re feeling sick. I’ve felt a little the same way too. I’m not sure I will ever end up getting this version of AC Amiibo Festival. I’m not much for Mario Party, so this just doesn’t appeal to me as much. However, since it is part of AC… I am still thinking on it! If you think it is worth purchasing, please tell me! I have the AC Happy Home Designer with the Amiibo cards and reader, but I feel that I have wasted my money in that because I don’t care for it much! Hmmm, decisions! Decisions!

    1. I’m sorry you’ve felt sick too! I’ve had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks and now I have laryngitis on top of it, so it’s been fun (not!)! Well, I actually felt the same way about Amiibo Festival at first… I didn’t want it at all, and I am a fan of Mario Party! I ended up getting it because it was a good deal to get the bundle. But, unless if you REALLY want to have ALL of the Animal Crossing games (and if you want to collect Amiibos), I don’t think I would recommend that you purchase it. It’s very adorable, but game play is extremely slow and there’s not a whole lot to do. Between this and Happy Home Designer, I think Happy Home Designer is far superior. I will tell you, Amazon is currently selling it for $33 with free shipping on orders over $35, which is actually a pretty great deal. So if you decide you want it, now would be the time to scoop it up 😉

      1. Oh my, laryngitis with it? I feel for you! That totally must stink. I hope you get over it quick! Yeah, the Animal Crossing Amiibos look so cute, don’t they! It makes me want to purchase it just because of how cute they are. But I don’t see myself being much interested in the festival game. hmmm… The price isn’t too bad that’s for sure though! How much did you pay for it when you first got it? Has it stayed the same in price since then or went down? Anyway, yeah, hard choice. I’ll have to think on it! Thanks for letting me know!

      2. Well, I’m finally starting to feel better and even went back to work yesterday and today, so I think I’m on the upswing now 🙂 Yes the Amiibos are adorable and that is ultimately why I decided to buy Amiibo Festival. It was $59.99 when I purchased it, which I thought was a decent value. That’s because games by themselves are normally $50-$60, and Amiibos are around $12-$15. You get 3 Amiibo cards with the bundle as well, so that’s maybe worth $4. It seems like it’s only going down in price- now it’s listed on Amazon for $30.74. Boo! I should have waited lol!! Even though it’s not as fun as the core AC games, I’m still glad I bought it.

      3. Good, I hope you are feeling better! I’m still working on feeling better, but hopefully eventually I will get there. Yeah, the Amiibo Festival really has gone down in price it looks like! Which is great! It makes it even more tempting to buy! I probably won’t get in any hurry to purchase it, but I do know I hope to get it soon!

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