Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk!

So, Saturday was the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk. I mistakenly said it was on Sunday! How did I get that mixed up?!? So of course, by the time I played, I was a day late. This means I had no choice but to do some time travel. Ah, well. Let the fishing tourney begin!

I’m turned sideways because I was getting reamed by Resetti for not saving my game. Kiss my ass, mole!

I headed over to speak to Chip, who told me that this was a pond smelt tourney, and that Harry was currently in the lead. I headed to the river to break his record!

As luck would have it, the first fish I caught was a pond smelt! I was off to a great start.

Woo hoo!

I fished a bit more, and I ended up catching five more pond smelts (and a can, uggh!) I figured ONE of them had to be a winner!

The weed behind my head matches my bedhead! Ha!

I went back to Chip, and I didn’t have much luck at first. Finally, when I handed him my second-to-last fish, it broke Harry’s record!

It’s barely a new record, but it will have to do!

There wasn’t much time left, so I went to the museum to donate a couple fish that I had caught, and when I was done with that, the clock chimed 6 p.m. and the tourney was officially over.

I hope I won!

Since I got screwed in the Wild World tourney, I was apprehensive. Did my record hold up, or did some jerk beat me at the last second?


Yay! I won! My prize is in the mail. 😉

That’s it for the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk. See you next time!