Flea Market in Animal Crossing: City Folk!

On Sunday, Animal Crossing: City Folk had a small event known as the Flea Market. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: some of your villagers allow you to come into their homes and purchase (almost) any item of theirs, as long as the price is right! If you enter your house, one of your villagers may even pop in and see if they can buy something off of you!

I know, I know. I still haven’t cleaned up my town or tackled my bedhead. Don’t judge me!

I basically just took a quick walk around town to see who was in their house. The first house I went into was Baabara’s- but she wouldn’t sell me what I was looking at. Ugh!

I ran into Prince outside, and his comment made me laugh.

I do that all the time, Prince!

I also ran into Queenie, and I almost didn’t talk to her. She was a real bitch the last time I saw her! She actually had something NICE to say for once, though.

Um, I look like crap, but thanks!

I visited Ed’s house next. I didn’t really want any of his stuff, but I took a fun picture with him. His house looks too nicely set up for me to buy anything!

Can he even see me?

The only thing I ended up buying from anyone was a tumbleweed, even though I don’t really know why I did it. It was only 147 Bells, so why not!

It does kind of fit the Creepy theme, I guess!

Anyway, I stood in my house for a minute to see if anyone would come in. I was just about to quit the game when suddenly, I had a customer!

Her name always makes me laugh, because my grandma’s name is Nan!

Awesome! She tried buying some of my Creepy Series furniture, which was a no-no! Suddenly, she had her eye on my tumbleweed. You know, the one I JUST bought. I wasn’t too attached to it, so I sold it for 300 Bells. Haha, I just made some easy money!


Oh, I also went into Nibbles house and discovered that she was moving. Bummer! I thought she was pretty cool. I wonder who will move in next?

Aww… bye, Nibbles 😦

That’s it for the Flea Market in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Good night!