February Animal Crossing Events!

Hey everyone! January has flown by, and now that February is here, the Animal Crossing world is full of all sorts of events! Check out my calendar below to see what’s coming up:


There are some events that are pretty much constants, such as the Fishing Tourney and Flea Market. I’ll still participate in them, just to see if I can win anything! 😉 You’ll notice that Animal Crossing: Wild World has a week-long event called Bright Nights. Throughout this week, the villagers will decorate their house with holiday lights and it’s up to you to choose the winner! You don’t really have to play every day- once at some point during the week will suffice.

The next few blog entries will be about the three different Groundhog Day celebrations! Good night everyone!

2 thoughts on “February Animal Crossing Events!

  1. My last name is Bright. Bright Nights. 🙂 hee heee. Bright Nights sounds interesting and I’d like to see that again! I bet Valentine’s day in AC world is cute too! Just don’t remember!

    1. Haha! It’s like they made the holiday for you!! 😉 It is a cute little event- kind of like a mini Christmas decorating contest! And yes, Valentine’s Day is pretty cute! You get sweet Valentines from the male villagers which is adorable! I’m such a slowpoke, but I’ll be posted about those events at some point in the near future lol!

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