Spring is Here!

Today I played Doubutsu no Mori, and the first thing I noticed was that the grass was green! The snow has melted away, and spring is here.

The grass looks so nice!

I enjoy all seasons in the game (and in real life, too!). I’m sad to see the snow melt, but it does look really pretty in the springtime. Anyway, before I could do anything else, Kenta ran passed me extremely quickly, stopped in front of another house, then kept running! It was really bizarre behavior. I decided to talk to him and see what was up. He seemed happy to see me at first, then threw a temper tantrum because I wouldn’t buy a kiddie wardrobe from him. He ended up giving it to me for free, then stomped around angrily.

Moving on from that weird encounter, I opened up my mail. I got one from Tanukichi that I had trouble translating at first, then I realized that he was telling me that his store had expanded! I ran over to check it out. It’s nice having a bigger selection!

On a side note, I want to mention that all of my flowers I planted by the store are back in bloom. This confirms my earlier theory that I had about the flowers losing their petals in the winter and coming back into bloom in the spring. That’s a neat touch that’s not in any of the localized games here.

After selling some fossils and other random goods I had, I noticed something weird about my inventory screen. I had a bag of Bells and only about 22,000 Bells in my pocket. I tried to combine the two, but it said that I could only carry 50,000 Bells at a time! This is a huge difference from all the other Animal Crossing games, where you can have 99,999 Bells in your pocket. Definitely different.

This makes it a little harder to carry around higher sums of money.

I made my way around town, saying hello to everyone. I also met up with my new neighbor, Snow (Chevre) the goat! I’m not sure how much I like her, though. She kept calling me rude!

The stuffed bears in her house are a little creepy too…

When I was done saying hello to everyone, pulling weeds, and digging up stuff, I headed over to the post office. There, I paid off my house loan! Yay for me!

Of course, I then went to Tanukichi and promptly asked him to upgrade my house. I’ll be in debt again tomorrow!

I finished up my day by doing a little fishing, then saved my game. See ya!

12 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have to know! What is Doubutsu no Mori? Is it just the Japanese version of Animal Crossing? I’m confused, sorry!!! And if it is the Japanese version, is there a reason you play it? Do you know Japanese?

    1. That’s not a stupid question at all! 🙂 Doubutsu no Mori (translated in North America as “Animal Forest”) is actually the first game in the Animal Crossing series. It was released in Japan in 2001. It actually came out for the Nintendo 64 over there! Ever since I played the original Animal Crossing, I’ve always wanted that game because I wanted to see how the series actually began. Plus, I felt like my collection wasn’t complete! I finally got it in November, and it has been awesome playing it! (I actually wrote about when I first started playing it… check out my blog posts in November and you can read them! ;)) And my Japanese is extremely clumsy and limited, but I am learning as I go. I play using a translator and I also rely on my experience with Animal Crossing to figure out what’s going on. It’s been a pretty fun process!

      1. Interesting that it means Animal Forest! So this was the first ever AC game in 2001… ohh.. The US original Animal Crossing is not the first in the series? Or is it? Yes, I will need to check out your posts from November! That’s cool that you’re learning Japanese along the way. My 12 (almost 13 year old) son is wanting to learn Japanese too.

      2. You are correct! Animal Crossing for the GameCube is actually the 2nd game in the series… Doubutsu no Mori was the first! 😉 Learning Japanese is fun, but very tough. That’s why I figured the best way to start learning was to just jump right in with a video game that relies heavily on text. That’s cool that your son wants to learn Japanese as well! The younger you are when you start learning another language, the better, so I’m sure he will pick it up way quicker than I am lol!! 😉

      3. Wow, I cannot believe that the Gamecube AC is actually the 2nd in the series! I thought about studying Japanese with my son since he’s interested. I even have a Japanese pen pal I write to in English often, so it would be nice to talk to her in Japanese occasionally. My son actually is a big Mario fan, so he wants to learn Japanese since Mario comes from Japan. ha ha. But I am glad he wants to learn anyway..!!

      4. Yep, Japan had it first! 😉 Here’s another fun fact: they loved what North America did so much with the game, they actually translated everything back into Japanese and released the game as Doubutsu no Mori + for the GameCube! Oh if you studied with your son, that would be awesome! That’s too cute that he wants to learn because of Mario 🙂 That’s awesome that you have a Japanese pen pal!! I always thought it would be neat to have a pen pal. I remember I had a site that I belonged to about 15 years ago where you could be digital pen pals with different people, and that was kind of fun.

      5. Oh, see I’ve learned so much from you about Animal Crossing that I didn’t know before. I actually do not have any family or friends who play Animal Crossing, so I have to find people online to talk about it with! ha ha! I have never been to Japan. Have you? I have been to Taiwan in 2005. I met my Japanese pen pal online. I think pen pals are so fun! I have more than one pen pal. My oldest pen pal lives in Florida and we have been writing to each other for 13 years. She got married recently and I finally got to meet her for the first time ever on her wedding day!! That was a couple years ago. She has a baby boy now. Anyway, yeah, if you’re ever interested in a pen pal, I would write to you! hee hee. Letter writing is something like a hobby to me. 🙂

      6. Well I’m glad I helped you learn something new!! 😉 I’m in the same situation. I know people who play Animal Crossing, but they don’t seem to be as obsessed as me! No, I have never been to Japan! I want to go really bad though. Wow that’s really cool that you’ve been writing to one of your pen pals for 13 years!! That’s amazing. Aww I would definitely be interested in writing to you! As much as technology has advanced, there’s something about getting a good old fashioned letter in the mail that really appeals to me!

      7. My kids don’t even understand my obsession with Animal Crossing. ha ha. They are not really interested in playing it either. Ha, well, I agree.. old fashioned letter writing is always better than anything by email or online. I just love getting mail in my mailbox. ha ha. It is like a surprise gift or something! I love how you get to write to your animal friends on Animal Crossing too… and they write back. Gosh, I think that game was created just for me! I tell that to my husband all the time. How about we exchange home addresses on email? You want to do that? My email is callulabright@gmail.com.

      8. lol sometimes I feel like Animal Crossing was made for me too! I love being social when playing that game and I try to make everyone happy, but it real life I don’t want to talk to anyone, haha!!! I feel the same about writing letters! Sure, I will send you an email right now! 😉

      9. Real people are not as fun to socialize with sometimes. ha ha. I prefer my animal friends to talk to too. They live fun and easy lives in their little world and I want to live there with them and not have to deal with the difficulties of real life. ha ha ha. I know you agree with me. LOL.

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