A Blast From The Past!

When my husband and I first met, we would play tons of video games together. (Not much has changed in 13 years!) We would play many different games, but two that always provided us with tons of entertainment- and frustration!- were Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube. Many hours would be spent laughing at and cursing at these games!

For those who aren’t familiar, Super Monkey Ball sets you with the task of rolling your monkey who is in a…ball… to the goal. The stages range from easy to incredibly diabolical, and extreme precision is often required.

On a whim, I decided today would be a good day to revisit Super Monkey Ball with my husband!


We played through all of the Beginner and Advanced stages, and it was like riding a bike! Stages we haven’t played in years were so familiar to us, and we just got right back in the habit of how to play and what types of little tricks you can use to beat the stages easier. We still died a lot though!


We finally got tripped up on Expert Stage 9. We lost A LOT of lives on Stage 7, and a few on Stage 8, so we didn’t stand much of a chance. It was still so awesome and fun to revisit the past a little bit and play this game. Who knows, after work tomorrow, it may be time to play Super Monkey Ball 2 😉


Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times!

Thanks to fellow blogger YvoCaro (please check out her blog here, she is awesome!) I learned of a Nintendo DS game called Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times. It was released in North America in 2009, and it sounds like an amazing game! Gamefaqs.com describes the game like this: “As players attend Magic Academy, they’ll be immersed in a living, breathing world where time flows as it does in the real world, and each week, player’s wizardry skills are put to the test in a new magical adventure. Custom avatars can be made with 1,500 varieties of clothing, furniture and characters to choose from. Additionally, players can learn new magic spells and abilities by forming different bonds with the 150 unique characters populating the world. Different stories and adventures will be revealed depending on what bonds are formed with the game’s characters and how the player chooses to solve each of the 52 adventures. Use more than 100 magic spells to become the greatest magician of all time!”

This sounds like an awesome mix between Animal Crossing, The Sims, Harry Potter, etc.! I don’t know how this game managed to slip under my radar for so long. Nevertheless, I decided I wanted the game for myself. Amazon had a few copies for sale that were a bit on the pricey side (and they were cartridge-only, no box!) and eBay had one for around $25. Luckily, a GameStop somewhat close to me happened to have a copy for sale with the box and instruction manual still intact for only $10!

What a deal! I can’t play it just yet while waiting for my hand to heal up, but I’m looking forward to diving in to it! There are several other Magician’s Quest games, but they were only released in Japan. After playing this one, there is a strong possibility I will check out the Japanese versions as well! 😉

P.S. As a bonus at GameStop, I bought this cute piggy shaped… thing that is supposed to prop your phone or other device up. I don’t know how much I’ll actually use it, since I have a holder that works quite well, but it was only $1.79 so I couldn’t resist! I stuck it to my wall, and it looked pretty funny. What can I say, I’m easily amused!



Easy Does It…

Due to a recent hand injury, my time playing video games over the last couple weeks has been greatly diminished. And as someone whose favorite pastime is playing video games, this is extremely aggravating! Just typing this is taking me forever, as I have my hand in a splint that allows for limited movement. I have found, however, that I can play games that do not require fast actions or that I can play almost exclusively with one hand. With that being said, I decided to visit my Puzzle Craft town of Misteria and see what was happening there.

Misteria is coming along nicely!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about my 2016 Gaming Goals, Puzzle Craft is the current mobile game I am working on. I have been slacking on playing it, but it’s the perfect game to play right now since I don’t have to do a lot to actually play it. My next building I have been working on is my Ironwork, and after a quick glance at the materials I needed, I figured I could complete it in one shot.

Misteria is coming along nicely!

I did some farming, then some mining.

When I was done, I had all the supplies I needed to upgrade my Ironwork. Now I can forge more iron!


Next up, I need to upgrade my Feeding Trough. As you can see, I have many supplies I need to gather before I can do so.


I enjoy this game a lot, but I do find myself leaving it behind for periods of time just because it is super repetitive. I’m really gonna try to stick with it for awhile this time, so I can say I beat it and then move on!

House Upgrades Are a Rip Off!

I played Doubutsu no Mori today, hoping that since today is Howaito de (White Day), I would get something in the mail from my male villagers. As I previously explained, Valentine’s Day in Japan is celebrated by girls giving presents to guys, and White Day is exactly one month later, where guys give presents to girls! However, I got nothing. I’m not sure if the game even acknowledges this holiday- it wasn’t like anything was posted on the bulletin board or anything. Anyway, it was a rainy day in Weezey Village, which suited my mood.

The gloomy weather suits me just fine.

After checking my mail, I stepped into my house because I knew Tanukichi had offered to upgrade my living space since I had previously paid off my debt! As you can see from the placement of my furniture below, I got a sizable upgrade.

I need more furniture now!

I then spoke to Tanukichi, who told me I now owed him 498,000 Bells! Are you kidding me?!?! The last upgrade only cost me around 47,000 Bells, so this is a huge jump in amount of debt owed. I wonder if this is the final house upgrade.

Good god, what a rip off!

Since I owe such a large sum of money now, I decided to do a little bit of fishing to earn some Bells. However, I accidentally kicked a basketball into the river, and it scared off like five fish I tried to catch! Stupid thing!


I also said hi to several of my villagers while wandering around town. Diana scared the shit out of me because I entered her house, and she came in right behind me a split second later. She pushed me out of the doorway, then just stared at me. Creepy!

Um, sorry for intruding!

I also ran into Sutoroberi, and I thought it was so adorable how she is using a strawberry umbrella- as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, her name translates to Strawberry! 🙂

She is completely adorable!

One last thing I want to mention. I picked up an umbrella from the dump, and after equipping it, I decided I didn’t really like the look of it. I walked around with it for a second, and I could swear the sound of the rain changed! I thought maybe I was imagining this, so I equipped and unequipped it a few times, walking around a little bit each time. Sure enough, when you are using an umbrella, the tone of the rain changes! It sounds more muffled, like rain hitting up against plastic. When the umbrella is not equipped, the rain sounds softer as is splashes onto the ground. This was a really neat little touch that I was not expecting.

I don’t like this umbrella at all, but the sound effects are cool!

That’s it for this entry. See ya!

Hanami? Not Yet I Guess!

I haven’t been able to play any games the past few days, so I was happy to have a chance to play today. I fired up Doubutsu no Mori and set the time back a few days, to the Hanami Festival!

…except, unfortunately, there was NO Hanami festival! It is supposedly a 3 day long event in March that celebrates the arrival of spring. It’s basically the Cherry Blossom Festival, and it’s a really big deal over in Japan!

Now, I have a hell of a time finding reference material for Doubutsu no Mori. There are very few guides out there and this has basically been all trial and error for me. I think perhaps the guide I was referencing meant the festival occurs in April, not March. The trees are not even pink yet! So, for now, I took Hanami off of my calendar, and I will try again throughout April to see if I can find out exactly when it is!

It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s all good. This is all part of my journey! Who knows, maybe by the end of this year, I’ll know all the tips and tricks for Doubutsu no Mori and I’ll have played through all the holidays, so I’ll be able to write my own guide! 😉

March Animal Crossing Events!

We are a few days into March, but I’ve just compiled my calendar of March Animal Crossing Events:


Besides the constant Flea Market/ Fishing Tourney events, there’s a few other fun events to partake in. Even though you can’t actually participate in the games, I’ve always liked the Spring Sports Fair in Animal Crossing. It’s cute! I’m also looking forward to playing Bunny Day in both City Folk and New Leaf.

The only event that is questionable for me is the Flea Market in City Folk. It occurs on the same day as Bunny Day, so I’m not sure if both events will happen or if the Flea Market will be cancelled. I guess I’ll just have to watch the bulletin board! 😉

EDIT: I originally had an event called “Hanami” for Doubutsu no Mori listed from March 3rd-5th. After playing the game, I’ve discovered that the guide I was referencing had the incorrect dates, so I took it off the calendar until I can figure out what day the event actually occurs!

Japanese Amiibo Cards!

My husband surprised me the other day with a pack of Japanese Amiibo cards. I thought that was really cool because I have a few packs of the North American cards, but no Japanese ones. I opened up the pack and was surprised to find that there was only three cards in it! That’s kind of a bummer because that is HALF of what you normally get in one pack of N.A. cards. Ah, well.


I’m happy with the cards I got: Peter (Beau) the deer, Yumeko (Rhonda) the rhino and of course, Totakeke (K.K. Slider). Although they are expensive and you get less in the pack, of course I want more! 😉

Rainy Evening in Animal Crossing!

Just a short little post tonight! I briefly played Animal Crossing, where spring is in full effect. It was a rainy evening, which I really don’t mind. I always loved the music that plays during rainy days!

Rainy evenings are so peaceful in Animal Crossing…

I checked my mailbox, where I had a goodbye letter from Emerald. Farewell friend!

To be honest, I really didn’t know her that well… still sad that she moved though!

I decided I wanted to try to tackle some of the weeds that have been plaguing my town for quite some time. I’m lazy, I know! I looked at my town map and decided to break it up into four sections. Doing a different section each day makes it much more manageable. Soon I will no longer have weeds!

My town map!

While I was plucking weeds, a balloon with a present flew by! I followed it, but it didn’t get snagged on any trees, so it just floated away. Bummer!

Too bad there’s not a slingshot in this version of the game!

Once I pulled up weeds on one section of the map, I decided to head down to the ocean to see if I could catch a coelacanth since it was raining out. I walked back and forth on the shore several times, but didn’t see one. I decided to end my game for the night. On my way back to my house, I ran into Pinky. She gave me a carpet, then thought I didn’t appreciate it at all! What a freak!

Why do you have to ruin a nice moment by being psychotic?!

That’s all for tonight. Bye!