Rainy Evening in Animal Crossing!

Just a short little post tonight! I briefly played Animal Crossing, where spring is in full effect. It was a rainy evening, which I really don’t mind. I always loved the music that plays during rainy days!

Rainy evenings are so peaceful in Animal Crossing…

I checked my mailbox, where I had a goodbye letter from Emerald. Farewell friend!

To be honest, I really didn’t know her that well… still sad that she moved though!

I decided I wanted to try to tackle some of the weeds that have been plaguing my town for quite some time. I’m lazy, I know! I looked at my town map and decided to break it up into four sections. Doing a different section each day makes it much more manageable. Soon I will no longer have weeds!

My town map!

While I was plucking weeds, a balloon with a present flew by! I followed it, but it didn’t get snagged on any trees, so it just floated away. Bummer!

Too bad there’s not a slingshot in this version of the game!

Once I pulled up weeds on one section of the map, I decided to head down to the ocean to see if I could catch a coelacanth since it was raining out. I walked back and forth on the shore several times, but didn’t see one. I decided to end my game for the night. On my way back to my house, I ran into Pinky. She gave me a carpet, then thought I didn’t appreciate it at all! What a freak!

Why do you have to ruin a nice moment by being psychotic?!

That’s all for tonight. Bye!