Rainy Evening in Animal Crossing!

Just a short little post tonight! I briefly played Animal Crossing, where spring is in full effect. It was a rainy evening, which I really don’t mind. I always loved the music that plays during rainy days!

Rainy evenings are so peaceful in Animal Crossing…

I checked my mailbox, where I had a goodbye letter from Emerald. Farewell friend!

To be honest, I really didn’t know her that well… still sad that she moved though!

I decided I wanted to try to tackle some of the weeds that have been plaguing my town for quite some time. I’m lazy, I know! I looked at my town map and decided to break it up into four sections. Doing a different section each day makes it much more manageable. Soon I will no longer have weeds!

My town map!

While I was plucking weeds, a balloon with a present flew by! I followed it, but it didn’t get snagged on any trees, so it just floated away. Bummer!

Too bad there’s not a slingshot in this version of the game!

Once I pulled up weeds on one section of the map, I decided to head down to the ocean to see if I could catch a coelacanth since it was raining out. I walked back and forth on the shore several times, but didn’t see one. I decided to end my game for the night. On my way back to my house, I ran into Pinky. She gave me a carpet, then thought I didn’t appreciate it at all! What a freak!

Why do you have to ruin a nice moment by being psychotic?!

That’s all for tonight. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Evening in Animal Crossing!

  1. Wow!!! Finally going after the weeds!!! ha ha!!! Good luck with that!!! I really do need to go back to my older AC games and maybe do something similar to what you’re doing with yours… Mange to go to all the holidays in every one of them during the months to compare the differences in all of them.. I should think about that. hmmmm…

    1. I can’t wait until all the weeds are gone, my village looks pathetic! Yeah I finally decided to do what I’m doing after all the years of missing events or forgetting about them- I want to finally be able to play through all of them! The only way I could think of to remind myself to do so was to make a calendar and just take the time to actually play the event. You should do it! 😉

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