March Animal Crossing Events!

We are a few days into March, but I’ve just compiled my calendar of March Animal Crossing Events:


Besides the constant Flea Market/ Fishing Tourney events, there’s a few other fun events to partake in. Even though you can’t actually participate in the games, I’ve always liked the Spring Sports Fair in Animal Crossing. It’s cute! I’m also looking forward to playing Bunny Day in both City Folk and New Leaf.

The only event that is questionable for me is the Flea Market in City Folk. It occurs on the same day as Bunny Day, so I’m not sure if both events will happen or if the Flea Market will be cancelled. I guess I’ll just have to watch the bulletin board! 😉

EDIT: I originally had an event called “Hanami” for Doubutsu no Mori listed from March 3rd-5th. After playing the game, I’ve discovered that the guide I was referencing had the incorrect dates, so I took it off the calendar until I can figure out what day the event actually occurs!

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