House Upgrades Are a Rip Off!

I played Doubutsu no Mori today, hoping that since today is Howaito de (White Day), I would get something in the mail from my male villagers. As I previously explained, Valentine’s Day in Japan is celebrated by girls giving presents to guys, and White Day is exactly one month later, where guys give presents to girls! However, I got nothing. I’m not sure if the game even acknowledges this holiday- it wasn’t like anything was posted on the bulletin board or anything. Anyway, it was a rainy day in Weezey Village, which suited my mood.

The gloomy weather suits me just fine.

After checking my mail, I stepped into my house because I knew Tanukichi had offered to upgrade my living space since I had previously paid off my debt! As you can see from the placement of my furniture below, I got a sizable upgrade.

I need more furniture now!

I then spoke to Tanukichi, who told me I now owed him 498,000 Bells! Are you kidding me?!?! The last upgrade only cost me around 47,000 Bells, so this is a huge jump in amount of debt owed. I wonder if this is the final house upgrade.

Good god, what a rip off!

Since I owe such a large sum of money now, I decided to do a little bit of fishing to earn some Bells. However, I accidentally kicked a basketball into the river, and it scared off like five fish I tried to catch! Stupid thing!


I also said hi to several of my villagers while wandering around town. Diana scared the shit out of me because I entered her house, and she came in right behind me a split second later. She pushed me out of the doorway, then just stared at me. Creepy!

Um, sorry for intruding!

I also ran into Sutoroberi, and I thought it was so adorable how she is using a strawberry umbrella- as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, her name translates to Strawberry! 🙂

She is completely adorable!

One last thing I want to mention. I picked up an umbrella from the dump, and after equipping it, I decided I didn’t really like the look of it. I walked around with it for a second, and I could swear the sound of the rain changed! I thought maybe I was imagining this, so I equipped and unequipped it a few times, walking around a little bit each time. Sure enough, when you are using an umbrella, the tone of the rain changes! It sounds more muffled, like rain hitting up against plastic. When the umbrella is not equipped, the rain sounds softer as is splashes onto the ground. This was a really neat little touch that I was not expecting.

I don’t like this umbrella at all, but the sound effects are cool!

That’s it for this entry. See ya!

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