Easy Does It…

Due to a recent hand injury, my time playing video games over the last couple weeks has been greatly diminished. And as someone whose favorite pastime is playing video games, this is extremely aggravating! Just typing this is taking me forever, as I have my hand in a splint that allows for limited movement. I have found, however, that I can play games that do not require fast actions or that I can play almost exclusively with one hand. With that being said, I decided to visit my Puzzle Craft town of Misteria and see what was happening there.

Misteria is coming along nicely!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about my 2016 Gaming Goals, Puzzle Craft is the current mobile game I am working on. I have been slacking on playing it, but it’s the perfect game to play right now since I don’t have to do a lot to actually play it. My next building I have been working on is my Ironwork, and after a quick glance at the materials I needed, I figured I could complete it in one shot.

Misteria is coming along nicely!

I did some farming, then some mining.

When I was done, I had all the supplies I needed to upgrade my Ironwork. Now I can forge more iron!


Next up, I need to upgrade my Feeding Trough. As you can see, I have many supplies I need to gather before I can do so.


I enjoy this game a lot, but I do find myself leaving it behind for periods of time just because it is super repetitive. I’m really gonna try to stick with it for awhile this time, so I can say I beat it and then move on!

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