My Progress in Angry Birds!

Since the week is coming to a close, I wanted to post all the levels I’ve beaten thus far in Angry Birds. Below you will find screenshots of each chapter I’ve beaten, along with they date they were released.

First off, here’s the levels I had already beaten before making this game a priority to beat:

Poached Eggs- 12/11/2009

Mighty Hoax- 2/2010

Danger Above- 4/2010

The Big Set Up- 6/2010

Ham ‘Em High- 12/2010

Mine and Dine- 6/2011

Birdday Party (Part 1)- 12/2011


Surf and Turf- 3/20/2012

Bad Piggies (Part 1)- 10/09/2012


Now, here’s the levels I have completed this week:

Birdday Party (Part 2)- 12/11/2012


Bad Piggies (Part 2)- 12/11/2012


Bad Piggies (Part 3)- 5/07/2013


Red’s Mighty Feathers (Egg Defender)- 7/03/2013


I am currently on Red’s Mighty Feathers (actual levels) Level 3.


Whew! So many levels down, so many more to go. I’m inspired by my progress, though, so I think I’m going to continue playing Angry Birds this upcoming week to see how far I can get!

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