I Just Couldn’t Resist…

I was browsing around at Best Buy today, and I couldn’t help but buy myself a couple goodies. I’ve had a crappy couple of weeks with my hand hurting so much, so I decided to treat myself! 😉

The first game I came across was a game I had never even heard of: Fantasia: Music Evolved for XBox 360. It caught my eye because there was a sale sticker on it- the game was $27 off, which brought it down to the attractive price of $2.99! I couldn’t resist.


I’m still not really sure what this game entails, but this quote from the back of the box sounds very interesting: “Introducing a completely new way to play with music. Create your own versions of some of the world’s best-known songs…more than 30 songs, 60+ remixes, millions of possibilities. No two song creations will sound alike.” Sounds cool to me!

The second game I bought was Pokkén Tournament for Wii U. This game has intrigued me since it was announced, because it is like an awesome combination of Pokémon and Tekken! Seeing Pokémon come alive and kick each others’ asses is strangely appealing to me. With that being said, I decided to go ahead and purchase the game during its initial launch. This is because it comes with a Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card that I couldn’t pass up! This card allows you to unlock Shadow Mewtwo right away vs. having to fulfill certain game conditions. Plus, the card just looks cool. 🙂

Of course, while I was there I couldn’t help picking up a pack of Series 3 Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. You know, because I’m a sucker for cards.


I’m so happy to have Cube, and Freckles is too adorable! I know I’ll probably never have a full set of these cards (I don’t really buy THAT many of them), but it’s fun to collect them anyway.

2 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Resist…

  1. I have never heard of Fantasia either… but I don’t have a Kinect with my system. I hope it’s cool! I like Pokemon games too… and my youngest son is obsessed with Pokemon ds games and the shows. I cannot stand the tv series of them though… They get on my nerves!! haha ha. But I do like the Pokemon XY 3ds version.. I honestly have never heard of Tekken? My kids probably know what it is. Oh, I have Monty and Freckles… So cute aren’t they all!!!

    1. Well I guess even if the game totally sucks, at least I am only out $3! Ha! I love all the Pokemon games, but I’m not a huge fan of the show either. Never could get into it! And Tekken is a fighting game series that was pretty popular in arcades but was released for a bunch of systems too;) Yes all the Animal Crossings cards are way too adorable!!!

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