Animal Crossing Manga!

I’m sitting here typing this with one hand. Today I got one cortisone injection in my right wrist, and another cortisone injection in my right elbow, so my arm hurts REALLY BAD! Even the slightest movement causes me great discomfort, but hopefully in a day or two all the pain will be gone and I will get some relief!

With that being said, I did receive something fun in the mail today: my Animal Crossing manga books that I have been waiting for! I actually ordered them before the Kirby books, but they took a longer time since they were actually coming from Japan. 😉

The official name of the manga is どうぶつの森 ホヒンダ村だより, or Doubutsu no Mori: Hohinda Mura Dayori. This translates to Animal Forest: News From Hohinda Village. It is basically a series about a human villager named さよりん (Sayorin) and the adventures she has in the village of  ホヒンダ (Hohinda).

There are 11 volumes in this manga, and today I got 1-10! I thought I was getting the whole collection. Volume 11 was nowhere to be found on Amazon, Ebay or even play-asia, but I did find a copy on YesAsia! I purchased it for only $7, and it should be here in a few weeks. Then my collection will be complete! I’m so excited to begin reading and translating this series!

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Manga!

  1. Sorry that your hand is in that much pain! Hopefully it will feel better soon!! Ohmygoodness.. I did not know that Animal Crossing even had a manga!!! LOL… OH.. SO CUTE. I am going to look these up now!! I’m so jealous of you!! ha ha!! So cool.. And I love the title… Animal Forest: News From Hohinda Village… and thanks for telling me what it is about!!! So adorable!!! I hope you enjoy them and get your 11th volume soon!!!

    1. Thanks! Today the pain level is pretty high again, but I’m hoping tomorrow I will feel some relief. The shots better work considering how much pain I’m in! Haha aren’t the Animal Crossing Manga the cutest things ever!! I don’t know why we never get any of this awesome stuff in the U.S. lol!! They will be so fun to read! I was just flipping through them last night and it was so cool seeing all the familiar villagers! There are supposedly other Animal Crossing manga as well, but I’ll stick with this one first!

      1. There are more other Animal Crossing Manga besides what you got? Yes, I wish the U.S. got this kind of stuff too.. I am going to do some research on all this. ha ha.

  2. did you manage to translate these books? If so – woud you mind sharing? I have them but cannot for the life of me work out how to translate

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