30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge, Day 3!

Day 3: An event that makes/ made you happy

Hmm… I do love most of the events in the Animal Crossing universe, so this is kind of a tough question! However, I’m just gonna go with the first answer that popped in my head, which is Halloween! Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday in real life too, so maybe I’m just biased. 😉

Anyway, Halloween occurs in every Animal Crossing game except for Wild World. My favorite iteration of Halloween occurs in Animal Crossing for the GameCube (I believe the Doubutsu no Mori event is identical, but I haven’t played it yet so I can’t say for sure). Throughout the month of October, Tom Nook will sell candy in his store. It’s a good idea to stock up on it, because on Halloween night, your villagers all wear pumpkin heads and try to get candy from you! If you don’t give them any candy, they’ll play a “trick” on you. Examples of these tricks include turning your clothes into rags and turning an item in your inventory into a jack-o-lantern- so it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry anything valuable with you on this night!


Of course, the main point of Halloween is to give candy to Jack, the self-appointed Czar of Halloween. In return, Jack will give you a special item from the Spooky series, which you cannot buy at the store. Since the villagers are all dressed like Jack, it can be hard to figure out who the real Jack is! The difference is this: all the villagers will chase you for candy, but Jack will not. I always try to run away from the villagers as much as I can so I can save all my candy for Jack!

So that is Halloween in a nutshell! City Folk and New Leaf have slightly altered versions of the holiday that are pretty fun as well. I just love the spooky vibe of the night, plus the music is awesome too!