30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge, Day 10!

Day 10: Your favorite NPC

There are many NPCs (non-playable characters) that I enjoy in the Animal Crossing universe! However, I would have to say my favorite is Jack, Czar of Halloween! (Since I mentioned my favorite event in the game was Halloween a couple questions ago, I’m sure you’re not surprised) I think he’s a little greedy, but he looks cool and he gives excellent rewards, so I love him!


An honorable mention in this category goes to Wisp the ghost. In Animal Crossing for the GameCube, Wisp will appear certain nights after midnight and ask you to help him capture five spirits around the village. In return, he will pull all your weeds, paint your roof, or give you an item of furniture. Even though Wisp is a ghost, he seems to be AFRAID of ghosts, which just makes him even more adorable to me!

I couldn’t find a super good quality pic of him, sorry!