30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge, Day 21!

Day 21: A neighbor that you’re closest to

Well, I guess I can list one from each of my villages 🙂

1. Doubutsu no Mori (town name: Weezey): I would have to say that I am definitely closest to Sutoroberi. She is always so sweet and I love talking to her!


2. Animal Crossing (town name: Branvil): This one is hard, because a lot of my villagers have been in my town for a really long time. I’m closest to my crabby pal Octavian. He always makes me laugh, even when he’s being mean!


3. Animal Crossing: Wild World (town name: Booland): Without a doubt, I am closest to Stitches. He is so adorable and always says the most adorable things to me, plus he told me I am his “bestest” friend. How cute!


4. Animal Crossing: City Folk (town name: Spookie): This one is difficult to choose, because I have played this game the least out of all the Animal Crossing games. I’ll go with Prince, because he is always sweet to me. Besides, I was his Valentine this year, so that has to count for something! 😉


5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (town name: Blorp): I am closest to Jeremiah in this game. He’s always sweet, though he is a little spacey at times. 😉