Gaming Goals Revised (Again)!

My 2016 Gaming Goals were being achieved quite nicely, thank you very much, until I hurt my hand around the end of February. I was really thrown off track because I could barely do anything, and playing most games was completely out of the question for a little while. Ugh! Nothing like getting a wrench thrown in your plans.

Considering it is now June, my goals are pretty much moot- too much time has gone by! So I’ve decided to recalibrate a bit and revise my goals! Going through my Backloggery, I realize that I have WAY too many games that I have not even attempted to play! I used to always buy a game and immediately try it out, even if I didn’t play it for very long. I don’t exactly do that anymore, and I really should. So here is my idea: I am going to go through my Backloggery, system by system, and give my unplayed games some much needed attention. I’ll devote maybe 2 or 3 days to each game, just to give them some play time and see how much I even like the game in the first place!

Without further ado, the first game up is Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color!


This game originally came out in North America in 2000, but I purchased it many years later at a flea market. As you can see from the picture above, the dumb asses put a nice sticker right on the label that I can’t seem to get off! Anyway. I enjoy Pokémon cards, but only to collect them, not to actually play the game with them! Therefore, I’m not entirely sure how much I’ll like this game, considering it is based directly off the trading card game! I’ll keep an open mind, though, and I’ll be sure to write about my experiences with it!

It feels good to set goals for myself again. I always feel better when I’m working toward something! Hopefully I can stick with this particular set of goals for awhile 😉

Fun With The Xbox One!

My husband’s birthday was Monday, and I decided to get him an Xbox One. He’s been wanting one for awhile (as have I, hee hee 😉 ) and it was the only console from this generation that we didn’t own. He was so happy to open it up!

So shiny and new!

It came with two Tomb Raider games, and I bought him Far Cry: Primal in addition because the demo looked amazing!

I love getting new games! Well, okay, so they are actually my husband’s…. but we share 😉

After the initial setup tonight, he decided to try out Far Cry first. Apparently, your first goal is to kill a woolly mammoth for you and your tribe members to eat.

Something tells me this won’t end well…

Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. First, his friend/ fellow tribe member/ whatever got flung violently off to the side…

Sayonara, sucker!

Then the beast came after my husband…

He doesn’t look very friendly!

And basically, everyone died. The end!

FAILED. Why do games have to be so rude? 

Haha! He is still playing the game as I am typing this and has progressed passed that point- whew! I haven’t played yet, but it’s fun to watch him. The game is so beautiful! I am definitely happy with my purchases so far. 🙂