My Sneaky Little Juice Cubes Habit!

A couple years back, I downloaded a game called Juice Cubes on my iPad. It was published by Rovio Stars and developed the company Pocket Playlab (who, as far as I know now, has completely taken over the game- I don’t think Rovio has anything to do with it anymore). Despite the fact that it looked like “another” match-3 game, I was drawn to its bright graphics.

I started playing the game and for awhile, I was hooked! The graphics were so fun and the music was so upbeat and beachy, it was like I was on summer vacation while I was playing! The game itself was pretty fun, too. It did get a bit aggravating in some of the later levels, but I still played through them.

I took a break for awhile, then one day decided to revisit my game, only to find that it no longer worked on my aging iPad! Despite the fact that it was supposed to run with the iOS version I had on my iPad, the game crashed  at the title screen every time. I was so bummed! I had gotten pretty far in the game, and I didn’t want to start over.

Makes me so ready for summer!

…and yet for some reason, I kept thinking about the fun, bright little game! Finally, I decided just to download the game on my iPhone, even though I knew I would have to start from the first level.

Level 4.

I’m so glad I did! I started playing the game last night, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the adorable little fruits and heard the beachy tunes.

Level 5.

I only played to level 5, so the game is still pretty easy at this point. Nothing much needs to be done except for achieving a certain amount of points, which is pretty easy to do. I know in some later levels, these annoying sand castles eat up your fruit and you can’t make matches, and in other levels your little cubes are frozen. It definitely gets challenging, but I can’t wait to see how far I can get this time. I just looked the game up, and it looks like there are around 550 levels. It looks like I’ll be keeping my sneaky little Juice Cubes habit up for quite some time! 😉