Hoshi no Kirby is Mine (Again)!

Many years back, I was at a GameStop when I stumbled across a Japanese Kirby game for the Game Boy! I was really surprised because I had never seen the game before, so I didn’t even know which game it was. I bought it, of course…

…and then traded it in the next day for Pokémon Blue! The reason I traded it back in was because when I got it home and played it, the only words that were in Japanese were the title screen- everything else was in English! I guess I felt kind of gypped or something, who knows. Pretty shortly after I traded it in, I regretted my decision. I still wanted that Japanese Kirby game, even if it wasn’t that different from what I had!

Fast forward to present day, when I found said game on Amazon.com for a ridiculously cheap price! I couldn’t resist buying it, and it came in today!

Hello old friend!

The game is officially called 星のカービィ, which translates to Hoshi no Kirby. It is known as Kirby’s Dream Land in North America. I immediately tried the game out, and was so happy to see the title screen pop up with no issues!

So fun!

I played through the first level just to test the game out, and it played beautifully.

Fly, Kirby!!

I played this game on my Game Boy Advance SP, not my Game Boy. My original Game Boy has a problem where it doesn’t display the whole screen, so I don’t play it too often anymore. Luckily, there are many other options when it comes to playing my original Game Boy games! 🙂

Anyway, I’m so happy to have this game back in my possession! I always kicked myself in the butt for trading it in, so I was happy to have another chance to purchase it!

Oh yeah, and by the way: Game Boy games aren’t region locked! I’m able to play without any sort of modification to my system. Ah, I miss the simpler days of gaming sometimes…

First Impressions: Kirby Planet Robobot!

First of all, I just want to say that I was so excited to start playing this game! It looked amazing and fun and besides, I just love Kirby! I finally got a chance to check it out a few days ago.

Day 1:

I didn’t get to play much the first day, because my 3DS was actually dead and playing it while charging gets uncomfortable fairly quickly because of the stupid dock it has to sit in! Anyway.

I created a new save file, and an opening cinematic began. The story for Kirby Planet Robobot is this: the residents of Dream Land are just chillin’ (and Kirby is napping under a tree) when suddenly they are invaded by a bunch of alien/ robot things! King Dedede and Meta Knight try to fight them but are quickly defeated. Kirby wakes up from his snooze, sees what’s happening, and runs off to go kick some robot ass!

Sorry this pic is kinda crappy, my 3D was on! Still cute!

After the opening cinematic, I arrived in Area 1- Patched Plains.


Level 1 was fairy easy, just introducing you to the game mechanics and such.

There are two items to collect in each level: stickers and Code Cubes. Stickers are SO ADORABLE and feature characters or moments throughout Kirby’s career. As a bonus, they are used to decorate your Robobot armor (more about that in a second).

Code Cubes are what you need to collect to fight the boss! There are several to collect in each level. Sometimes, they will also unlock extra levels.

Level 2 was great because this is where you get to put on the Robobot armor for the first time! It’s pretty bad ass.

Kirby still has the copy ability (he “scans” the enemy instead of inhaling it) and the results can be awesomely devastating. You use the suit to interact with your surroundings too- sometimes you need to destroy everything in your path, sometimes you need to use it to unscrew a bolt and reveal a part of a path that was previously hidden. You often jump in and out of the armor several times throughout the level, which is kind of neat.

Level 3 took place on a train, and that was pretty fun!

Day 2:

I couldn’t wait to jump back into the game after playing it the day before. I started off on Level 4 of Area 1- Patched Plains. This level involved lasers and climbing fences (reminds me of Mario!).

After I beat Level 4, I had enough Code Cubes to disable the firewall! Boss battle, here I come!


The boss ended up being a crazy ass mechanized tree I fought briefly in the first level. His name was Clanky Woods, and he was a total weirdo! It was a super fun boss fight, though. He had several different attacks and switched from foreground to background, keeping me on my toes!

Once I kicked his ass, Area 2- Resolution Road opened up for me.


Level 1 was so cute! It took place in what looked like a city, complete with little Waddle Doos that would stop at stoplights and let you cross the street!

Level 2 was amazingly fun. You basically turn into a jet and the bulk of the level plays like a side-scrolling shooter! The boss at the end was cool, too. I didn’t want this level to end!

Level 3 started out giving me the “wheel” copy ability, which scared me at first. Sometimes that thing can be really hard to control! The level wasn’t too bad, though. I fought some weird looking slime creature named Miasmoros, who gave me the “poison” copy ability. Thanks?

Level 4 was charming as well. This took place in a casino. Kirby even has a copy ability called “circus” where he performs several different circus acts to defeat his enemies, including jumping through fire, balancing on a ball and blowing up balloon animals!

There was one really awesome part of the level where I picked up a Game Boy, which turns out to be a communication device that allowed me to control a robot! I controlled Kirby in the foreground, while the little robot I was controlling mirrored my movements in the background. It was so incredibly neat!

The boss of Area 2 was pretty fun. It was called Holo Defense API, and it sent out 4 different projections of different creatures for me to kill. The first projection was of Kracko, which made me cringe because he can be such a jerk! It wasn’t too hard to beat, though, and Area 3- Overload Ocean opened up after I beat it.

Day 3: 

I began playing Area 3- Overload Ocean! There were 5 levels in this area, instead of 4 like the first two. Since this is obviously a water world, I was a bit apprehensive to play. You know, because water levels in games typically suck! Thankfully, they were all pretty fun.


Level 1 was a mix between water and land areas.


I took some time just to swim around and have fun. Look how cute Kirby looks with his mask!


And look how cute he looks floating in an inner tube!


Anyway, there was an ability called “Smash Bros.” in this level, which was pretty neat. I wish I could’ve experienced more of what it could do, but I unfortunately made a stupid mistake and sank to my death shortly after I acquired it. Hopefully it pops up again at some point!


Level 2 involved becoming the wheel and skipping across the water, which was a lot of fun! Then I got to put on my Robobot armor and use the wheel ability to run over pretty much everything! Several parts of this level required me to switch quickly between foreground and background, and that was awesome.

Level 3 was probably my least favorite of the bunch, because it was auto-scroll level for the most part. Despite this, it was still fun to play and I got through it with no issues.

Level 4 was adorable! It was full of tasty treats like ice cream cones and popsicles. Even though the ice cream cones tried to crush me and the popsicles were really slippery…

Anyway, one part of the level required me to take these steel heads and put them on a body that was made of ice cream. (huh?) Problem is, I had to carry them over heat and they would explode if they got too hot! I got the first two, but had trouble with the last one. I tried a few times, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I’m pretty sure the prize for doing this is a Code Cube, so maybe I’ll go back and replay it eventually.


Level 5 was a beautiful level set in the deep sea. Like level 2, I had to switch between foreground and background a lot, which made things very interesting.

Also, one of the stickers I collected in Level 5 was “Demon” Kanji. That’s really bad ass!


The boss of Area 3 was some smart ass alien/ robot bitch named Susie, who told me all about where she works and why they want to take over Planet Popstar. She told Kirby he must be destroyed….

and Kirby really wasn’t amused.


Neither was I! She got in a mech suit, but I still kicked her butt pretty quickly. At the end, she fell out of her suit and some flying thing picked her up, and she flew away laughing. I have a feeling that probably won’t be the last I see of Susie!


I really love this game! Every level I played has been different, exciting, and makes me ready to play more. All of the Robobot capabilities are cleverly incorporated into the game and add a whole new dimension to gameplay. The graphics are superb and the music is sweet, typical Kirby. I enjoy collecting the stickers and the Code Cubes, too. Honestly, this is one of the best games I’ve played in awhile. Despite the fact that I was just “trying” this game out, I’ll probably keep playing it for awhile longer! 🙂