My Gaming Week in Review (8/22- 8/27)!

I meant to post this entry last night, but I was really tired and didn’t feel like it! 🙂 I didn’t do a whole lot of gaming this past week, but at least I was able to do a little bit here and there!


Nope, no console gaming this week. 😦


Nintendo Game Boy

Finally got to get back to my Pokémon Blue game a little bit this week! I pretty much only had time to play a little bit each night, but I still got some good training in.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I want all of my Pokémon to be at level 15 before I head to the first Gym. As you can see, Butterfree, Nidoran, and Pikachu are still a little behind.


While training and leveling them up, Butterfree learned Confusion, while Nidoran learned Poison Sting!


By the end of the week, my little bit of playing here or there had them all leveled up to 14. Almost there!




I had some time to play Pokémon GO this week as well! I went out for a walk on Monday night (to exercise, not just to play the game!) and I opened the game to see if I could catch anything. And guess what? I didn’t catch jack shit!

How was there not ONE Pokémon near me?!

Oh well, no big deal! A couple days later, I randomly caught a Jigglypuff…

and a couple days after that, a cute little Weedle was sitting on my knee, so I caught it too! 🙂

I also caught a couple repeats, which I don’t mind at all- the more goodies I get for catching them, the better! At one point, a bunch of Pidgeys kept popping up!


I also earned a medal for catching 10 Normal-type Pokémon.


That’s it for my gaming experiences this past week. See ya!

Updated About Me Page!

When I first created this blog, I made a quick little page stating a couple facts about me and the site. I realize that when people click on a blog, most of the time they want to know more about who is writing, and I didn’t really say much about myself! I’m a private person by nature, but I still went ahead and added a few more details about myself on there, just in case anyone was curious! Just use the navigation to click on the About Me page, or click here to take a peek! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Well, I Finally Caved In…

…and started playing Pokémon Go today! The game has been out for a little while now and I really didn’t have much interest in playing it. I love Pokémon, but the idea of having to actually go out to real places to catch them didn’t really appeal to me. What can I say- I am lazy and prefer to do my gaming on the couch! 😉 Anyway, my husband started playing it casually a couple weeks ago… and to my surprise, I actually found myself wanting to play! He doesn’t go out walking everywhere searching in vain for a rare Pokémon- he just opens the app when the mood strikes him and catches some Pokémon here and there. I decided that playing the game THAT way did appeal to me, so today I took the plunge and downloaded the game!

I was met by Professor Willow, who gave me the lowdown on what the game was all about.


I also created my character. She’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself! 😉

Professor Willow gave me some Poké Balls…


And I immediately caught my first Pokémon, Squirtle! He was hanging out by my husband’s feet for some reason 🙂

I’m very partial to Squirtle because he was the first Pokémon I absolutely adored, even before I began playing the video games! This is because I love turtles! Many years ago, my friend Jason gave me a trading card of Squirtle in a nice little sleeve to keep it in good condition… I still have that card on my desk today!

Anyway, back to the game! A little while later we decided to go out and get some coffee. My husband was driving, so I turned the game on to see if I could catch anything while we were out! Close to my house, I immediately caught a Bulbasaur and a Pidgeotto, which made me happy!

For awhile as we drove around, I didn’t catch anything else- but I happily collected Poké Balls and Eggs from PokéStops that we passed.

As we arrived at Starbucks, something strange happened: a ton of Pokémon started showing up! I quickly caught a Magikarp…

and an Ekans…

…and catching those earned me my first medal for registering 5 Pokémon in the Pokédex! Awesome!


As we were in line, the Pokémon just kept coming! I caught a Pidgey…

Followed by a Venonat (which my husband seemed to want, since he hasn’t seen one of those yet!)…

a Rattata…

and a Paras!

I couldn’t believe my luck! Then I noticed that one of the Pokéstops nearby was sparkling purple and looked different from the other Pokéstops I had passed. I clicked on it, and realized that something called a Lure Module had been placed. This attracts Pokémon, so no wonder I encountered so many!


Super cool! Thanks for placing that lure, Awesomesauce016! My husband was bummed that he missed out, because his phone was dead and he didn’t bring it along!

There is a lot I have to learn about this game, as I honestly haven’t read too much about it. I always prefer to play a game and learn it on my own and look things up only if I am completely stumped. Anyway, after playing today, I am now at Level 4. Not bad for the first day!

Overall, I enjoyed my first time playing Pokémon Go! It’s neat to interact with Pokémon and try to catch them, and it’s exciting because you never know when one is going to pop up. I’m looking forward to playing more and seeing what else I can catch!


My Gaming Week in Review (8/14- 8/20)!

First things first: I need to give a HUGE shout-out to my friend Justin!!! He read my latest blog entry and decided to take it upon himself to find those issues of Nintendo Power that I wanted to read. He then sneaked over to my house while I was working and left them all for me (stored on a flash drive, of course!) in my mailbox for me to find when I got home! Luckily he texted me to tell me there was a surprise waiting for me when I got home, because my husband actually beat me home, checked the mail and didn’t know what to think about the suspicious package LOL! Anyway, that was a really awesome surprise and I am flattered that he would take time out of his day to do something like that for me. So thanks, Justin! You rock! 😉

So anywho, these past few weeks have been pretty hectic and I have not had a lot of time to relax and play games. That pisses me off, but hey, that’s life! I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to get back to doing things that are more fun.

With that being said, the only game I had time for this week was Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. I finally had enough gold fish to expand my yard, so now I can have more kitties come over and play!

Once I set up my areas, all kinds of kitties came to visit!

I got a picture of a new kitty named Willie…



And I received a memento from Speckles. Um, thanks for the damaged spoon I guess?


Even if I don’t have a lot of time to play, Neko Atsume is a great way to spend a few extra minutes. Hopefully next week will be more eventful game-wise! See ya!

Dammit, Nintendo Power!

A few weeks ago I read an article about the awesome Internet Archive adding Nintendo Power magazines to their vast collection. Nintendo Power was one of my favorite magazines as a kid, and I remember going to BlockBuster or Publix every month with my mom to get the latest issue! I couldn’t wait to read about new games coming out, and I loved the Classified Info. section where they gave you cheat codes. In the days before internet access was a staple in households, this was THE way I got all my valuable information.

Years went by, and though I had several magazines, I eventually got rid of them all to save space. I still kind of regret that decision… and then I saw that Internet Archive had the first 100 issues of Nintendo Power available to read and download! I was stoked!

That was a couple weeks ago, and today is the first day I actually decided to sit back and take a trip down memory lane. And what do I find??


Wait… what?!? Zero items!! What happened? I searched the web for a moment and my fear was confirmed: Nintendo made them take the magazines down. To read more about it, check out this article.

But man am I fucking BUMMED! I didn’t even get a chance to check any of it out! I’m mad at myself for taking so long but it’s not like I could’ve predicted what happened. Maybe Nintendo will give in and allow them to be put back online, but I highly doubt it. 😦 Uggh! What a disappointment.

I Couldn’t Resist The Kirby Plush…

This past weekend, my husband and I were enjoying our last days of vacation by just hanging out and going to a few stores. We went to GameStop, and I wasn’t really expecting to find anything to use my gift card on so quickly. And then…


These Kirby plush appeared! Haha! I saw them and immediately grabbed them all. I couldn’t help myself! Normally I only see these types of plush online, and normally they are more expensive too! I was only going to buy one, but then I thought to myself “What the hell! I’ll just get them all!” 🙂 I may be obsessed with Kirby…

I also bought a couple cheap DS games while I was in there:


SqueeBalls Party and SpongeBob’s Atlantis Squarepantis! I haven’t played either of them, but they are cheap, so who cares if they suck!

And with those purchases, my GameStop gift card was gone. Bummer! However, I feel like it was well spent! 😉