Well, I Finally Caved In…

…and started playing Pokémon Go today! The game has been out for a little while now and I really didn’t have much interest in playing it. I love Pokémon, but the idea of having to actually go out to real places to catch them didn’t really appeal to me. What can I say- I am lazy and prefer to do my gaming on the couch! 😉 Anyway, my husband started playing it casually a couple weeks ago… and to my surprise, I actually found myself wanting to play! He doesn’t go out walking everywhere searching in vain for a rare Pokémon- he just opens the app when the mood strikes him and catches some Pokémon here and there. I decided that playing the game THAT way did appeal to me, so today I took the plunge and downloaded the game!

I was met by Professor Willow, who gave me the lowdown on what the game was all about.


I also created my character. She’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself! 😉

Professor Willow gave me some Poké Balls…


And I immediately caught my first Pokémon, Squirtle! He was hanging out by my husband’s feet for some reason 🙂

I’m very partial to Squirtle because he was the first Pokémon I absolutely adored, even before I began playing the video games! This is because I love turtles! Many years ago, my friend Jason gave me a trading card of Squirtle in a nice little sleeve to keep it in good condition… I still have that card on my desk today!

Anyway, back to the game! A little while later we decided to go out and get some coffee. My husband was driving, so I turned the game on to see if I could catch anything while we were out! Close to my house, I immediately caught a Bulbasaur and a Pidgeotto, which made me happy!

For awhile as we drove around, I didn’t catch anything else- but I happily collected Poké Balls and Eggs from PokéStops that we passed.

As we arrived at Starbucks, something strange happened: a ton of Pokémon started showing up! I quickly caught a Magikarp…

and an Ekans…

…and catching those earned me my first medal for registering 5 Pokémon in the Pokédex! Awesome!


As we were in line, the Pokémon just kept coming! I caught a Pidgey…

Followed by a Venonat (which my husband seemed to want, since he hasn’t seen one of those yet!)…

a Rattata…

and a Paras!

I couldn’t believe my luck! Then I noticed that one of the Pokéstops nearby was sparkling purple and looked different from the other Pokéstops I had passed. I clicked on it, and realized that something called a Lure Module had been placed. This attracts Pokémon, so no wonder I encountered so many!


Super cool! Thanks for placing that lure, Awesomesauce016! My husband was bummed that he missed out, because his phone was dead and he didn’t bring it along!

There is a lot I have to learn about this game, as I honestly haven’t read too much about it. I always prefer to play a game and learn it on my own and look things up only if I am completely stumped. Anyway, after playing today, I am now at Level 4. Not bad for the first day!

Overall, I enjoyed my first time playing Pokémon Go! It’s neat to interact with Pokémon and try to catch them, and it’s exciting because you never know when one is going to pop up. I’m looking forward to playing more and seeing what else I can catch!