My Gaming Week in Review (8/22- 8/27)!

I meant to post this entry last night, but I was really tired and didn’t feel like it! 🙂 I didn’t do a whole lot of gaming this past week, but at least I was able to do a little bit here and there!


Nope, no console gaming this week. 😦


Nintendo Game Boy

Finally got to get back to my Pokémon Blue game a little bit this week! I pretty much only had time to play a little bit each night, but I still got some good training in.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I want all of my Pokémon to be at level 15 before I head to the first Gym. As you can see, Butterfree, Nidoran, and Pikachu are still a little behind.


While training and leveling them up, Butterfree learned Confusion, while Nidoran learned Poison Sting!


By the end of the week, my little bit of playing here or there had them all leveled up to 14. Almost there!




I had some time to play Pokémon GO this week as well! I went out for a walk on Monday night (to exercise, not just to play the game!) and I opened the game to see if I could catch anything. And guess what? I didn’t catch jack shit!

How was there not ONE Pokémon near me?!

Oh well, no big deal! A couple days later, I randomly caught a Jigglypuff…

and a couple days after that, a cute little Weedle was sitting on my knee, so I caught it too! 🙂

I also caught a couple repeats, which I don’t mind at all- the more goodies I get for catching them, the better! At one point, a bunch of Pidgeys kept popping up!


I also earned a medal for catching 10 Normal-type Pokémon.


That’s it for my gaming experiences this past week. See ya!