Cheap Kirby Amiibo!

While browsing on a couple days ago, I decided to look up Amiibo on a whim. I had been reading about some Amiibo that were on sale on someone’s Twitter feed, and I guess it just got me in the mood to look them up! Now, I don’t have too many Amiibo, as there are only a few characters that I feel like I HAVE to have. Kirby is one of those essential characters for me, as is Yoshi! And when the Poochy Amiibo comes out in February, I MUST have one- it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

Anyway, while browsing, I came across the Kirby Amiibo series. I currently only had Kirby, but I saw that King DeDeDe, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight were only $4-$5 apiece! Wow! What a great deal! I didn’t hesitate to snatch them up. Plus, I had an Amazon gift card, so I had to spend it on something! 😉

I already had the Kirby, but the other 3 just complete the collection!

They arrived today, and I was so excited! The Kirby Amiibo series looks great! I did order one more Kirby-related item to finish off my gift card, but that is coming from Japan and may take a few weeks to get here. I will post a picture of it when I get it!

On a side note:

Yes, notify me immediately when this comes out! 

OMG I can’t wait for this game! It really looks like fun. Hopefully the Animal Crossing mobile game won’t be too far behind this one…

7 thoughts on “Cheap Kirby Amiibo!

  1. Yeah, all the good games are coming out in mostly mobile now which is bad for me. 😦 I would love to see the AC and Mario mobile games too.. That is a great buy for the Kirby Amiibo series it seems!! They look so great together!! You have quite the collection going on there.. hee hee.. I didn’t know about the Poochy amiibo coming out!! He is so, so adorably cute!! wow.. 🙂

    1. I do love all the mobile games, but I love console and handheld games more! Did you know Fantasy Life 2 is coming out, but it’s only for mobile? That’s kind of a bummer. Yeah I was super excited to complete the Kirby Amiibo collection! And that Poochy Amiibo is the CUTEST thing! I can’t wait to get him! 🙂

      1. Yes!! I do know about the Fantasy Life 2 coming out!! I am dying in the inside I swear!! They cannot do that to me!! I love that game so, so much!! So eventually I am going to have to do mobile one of these days just so I can get my favorite games!! How dare they only put it on mobile!! That is a sin!! LOL. I am so mad about that!!! If they keep doing that to my favorite games, I am going to have a really big fit because, like you, I prefer games on the console and handheld. They are killing me!!!!!! 😦

      2. Yeah I can’t believe they are only releasing it on mobile! One reason I don’t like mobile games as much is the fact that your device eventually becomes obsolete and you either have to upgrade or just not play the game anymore. I have an older iPad that works just fine and I see no need to get a newer one right now, but there are a couple games that I can no longer play on it because it is “too old.” Very annoying!

      3. Yes, I understand your frustration!! I wish they didn’t limit the games like that. They really need to make the option of the new games for handheld or the other gaming systems. It just isn’t right.

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