First Impressions: Enclave!

As most of you probably know, I have a lot of games. A LOT. However, despite that fact, I pride myself in the fact that I not only know which games I have, but I remember how/ why I got them, if I’ve played them or not, etc. I’d like to think I have a pretty good memory.

That was not the case with the XBox game Enclave.

Where did this game come from?

As I looked it over and read the box, I couldn’t remember ANYTHING about this game. Where I had gotten it, what it was about, NOTHING. I showed it to my husband, who also had no clue the game even existed. Yet when I checked the system memory, I discovered that was a save block for it! When the hell did we play this game? Without further questioning my terrible memory, I powered up my XBox and began the game!

The title screen.

The first thing I did was go to “load game” and there was a file there all right… simply called Me. Now, I knew immediately that it was not ME who had played it, because I would never name a file anything other than my name or a variation of my name. I’m neurotic like that! That leaves my husband, who still insisted he remembers nothing about the game. Oh well. The last time it was played was 11/15/2007 anyway!

Who is Me? Not me!

I started my own save file and got on my way. When prompted to choose Light Campaign or Dark Campaign, of course I tried to pick Dark Campaign! I want to be a demon! 🙂 But nope, the game wouldn’t allow me to choose it. Apparently you have to complete the Light Campaign first. What a rip!

The fact that I can’t choose the Dark Campaign just blows.

I sat through a long cutscene about- well, about Enclave. And a lot of stuff happened. Look it up if you care!

Blah blah blah…

After all that, I was presented with my first mission.


I was a guy trying to get out of a prison cell. I immediately snagged a sweet sword and tried to hack everything, but the environment is unresponsive, it seems. That’s a real shame.

I explored every area I could, including some other prison cells and a sewer, collecting gold and potions along the way. I killed a few Snotlings too, the little bastards! They are little troll like creatures who tried to kill me. The nerve! Some of them were in a wine cellar, drunk off their asses. They didn’t even try to fight back!

I completed my mission, then started my next one.


Ugh, I hate helping people! This bitch tried to tell me she needed my help, then- surprise- she barely helped me when we were faced with an onslaught of enemies! What a waste. Anyway, I picked up a crossbow, but it was lame, so I stuck with my sword. When the courtyard had been cleared, I used a cannon to open the door to the next area…

Aannnd that’s where I died! I couldn’t swig my healing potion fast enough, and there were too many enemies ganging up on me at once. It’s all good though, I was about ready to end my game anyway!


This game is actually pretty fun. It seems pretty glitchy, though, especially when moving around the environment. More than once I got stuck to a wall! Also the controls are a bit clunky and take some getting used to. I’m interested to see more of the game, though, so I’ll eventually pick it back up and try again! 🙂