My Gaming Week in Review (9/11- 9/17)!

I only had time for a few games this week, but I did squeeze some gaming in here and there! 🙂


No console gaming this week. 😦


Nintendo DS

I dug through my backlog and played a very bizarre game called 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix and um… yeah. I was going to write up a First Impressions post about it, so stay tuned for that in the next couple days. In the meantime, here’s the lovely main menu:



I played a little bit of the game 10000000 this week. If you’ve never heard of it before, the premise is this: you are stuck in a castle, and you have to upgrade your castle to become free. If you earn 10,000,000 points, you are free! You earn points by matching tiles on the bottom screen according to what is going on on the top screen. For instance, if you are standing in front of an enemy, you might match swords to defeat him. If you are standing in front of a treasure chest, match keys to unlock the chests. The top screen is constantly scrolling, so if the left side touches your character, it’s game over.

It’s an interesting premise for sure, and the game was fun when I started playing it. However, I erroneously thought that your score was cumulative throughout your adventure, and eventually you would earn the correct number of points to be set free. That is not the case, though, and suddenly the thought of earning 10 million points seems insane. I felt that after a couple rounds and a few objectives complete, I still wasn’t really getting anywhere. The game has kind of lost its appeal to me, and I’m not sure I’ll play it anymore.

I didn’t have much time to play Pokémon GO this week, though I did do the update so I could have a buddy! Of course, my first buddy of choice was Squirtle. Look how adorable it looks standing beside me! I also love how its little head is shown next to your face on the map. 🙂

I did evolve a couple Pokémon this week. I evolved my Caterpie into a Metapod…

my Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot…

and my Weedle into a Kakuna!

I also reached Level 8 this week.


Lastly, I played a bit more Crossy Road. I unlocked Unlucky Cat…

Unexpected Shrew (which has the most ADORABLE board!)…

and Elf, which got me in the mood for the holiday season!

That’s it for my gaming adventures this week. See ya!

5 thoughts on “My Gaming Week in Review (9/11- 9/17)!

    1. It is fun! There’s just a lot of grinding that needs to be done and the ultimate goal seems a bit impossible. Oh, I’ve never played You Must Build a Boat, but thought it looked interesting as well! There are so many games I want to try but not enough time in the day to play them all!

  1. Oh! You’ve been playing Pokemon GO!! That just shows how behind I am at looking through your posts!! It does look very fun and I definitely hope to play it sometime!! I know my kids want to play it.. Everyone seems to be playing it these days, but I don’t mind waiting. Squirtle is very adorable.. My youngest likes him the best. The castle game looks interesting!! But if the points system is ridiculous and you don’t feel you’re accomplishing much, then I can see how it would get boring fast!

    1. Yeah Pokemon GO is too cute! I play it very casually and I don’t go out of my way to play it or anything. And unlike most people, I don’t really care about Gym Battles, I just want to catch all the adorable Pokemon lol! It’s all Michael’s fault, he started playing it first and I couldn’t help but start playing! 😉 And yeah, I deleted the castle game for now… too much effort and not that much reward! It’s sad, though, because it is a neat idea.

      1. HA HA… It’s Michael’s fault. Yeah, if I saw my husband playing it too.. I would do the very same thing!! I’m sure the Pokemon are very adorable to catch!! My youngest boy is still impatiently waiting for Pokemon Sun & Moon.. He talks about it nonstop!! And then my 13 year old is all about Five Nights at Freddy’s.. oh my gosh, they so easily become obsessed over these games.. ha ha.. My oldest boy (almost 16 yr old).. He keeps talking about the Call of Duty game that just came out. He loves Call of Duty. I’m not much for shooting games really. And as for my husband, he’s mostly into computer games right now. I think he’s doing League of Legends right now. Too bad about the castle game! It could have been better and a success I’m sure!

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