All My Games Packed Up= No Fun!

Just wanted to write a quick entry since it’s been a few weeks since my last one! We are mostly moved into our new house, though it seems like hardly anything is unpacked! I’m pretty OCD when it comes to organizing and having everything “just so,” so as you can imagine, the sight of tons of boxes makes my skin crawl! Hurricane Matthew slowed down our progress a little bit, as we lost an entire weekend worth of work. It’s all good though- our house is coming along nicely, and soon everything will be unpacked and organized!

Of course, this is a gaming blog, so it’s hard to write when all of my games are packed up! Even my 3DS is “somewhere” right now. I’ve been playing on my iPad and iPhone a little bit, but at the end of the day, I’m really too exhausted to do much of anything. Between working all day and then coming home and trying to finish moving in, I don’t have extra time to game. That is sad to me, but I know it’s only temporary 😉

Anyway, I expect at least some of my games to be unpacked this weekend, and hopefully I will be able to get back to my favorite hobby very soon!! 🙂