First Impressions: Lifeline!

It’s been a busy few days around here, since Thanksgiving was Thursday! Hope all my American friends had a great one! 🙂 Now the holiday season has begun, which I am pretty happy about. It’s such a nice time of year!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I recently played a game called Lifeline on iOS. I actually downloaded this game quite awhile ago when it was free on the App Store, and although it has always intrigued me, I never got around to playing it. Then I recently came down with the cold from hell, and I didn’t feel like doing shit for days! It was even too much effort to play a game like Animal Crossing- that’s how horrible I felt! So while browsing through my phone, I came across Lifeline, and I figured it was the perfect time to start playing!


Lifeline is a game that is not designed to take up very much of your time. The intro screen really says it best:


So the premise is, an astronaut named Taylor has crash-landed on a distant moon and he has no idea what happened. He sends out a transmission signal to attempt to get a hold of someone, and he somehow manages to get through to you!

This game kind of reminds me of a choose your own adventure novel. Taylor will talk to you and the game will prompt you with a couple different responses. Sometimes he’s asking you to help him with an important decision, sometimes he just wants to chat. He’s a bit of a smart ass at times, which is kind of fun!

What I thought was really cool about this game was the fact that the game does not need to remain running! Sometimes Taylor would be busy for long periods of time, and when he starts talking again, it shows up as a notification on your phone.


The whole point of this game is for Taylor to get rescued from this alien moon. The problem is, weird things keep happening all around him…

I don’t want to post too many of my screenshots, since I don’t want to ruin the game for anyone! However, around the third day of playing, things started to get a little tough. It was obvious that Taylor was being influenced by the mysterious circumstances surrounding him, and it was hard to keep him focused!


Nevertheless, I managed to successfully get Taylor rescued on my first play through of the game! I couldn’t believe it! I thought for sure I’d have to play through the game several times to get to the ending.


I was happy I beat the game but then I realized… I had no incentive to play the game again. None. I mean, if Taylor would have died, I would have immediately restarted and tried to figure out where I went wrong and what path I could send him down to change things. But since I won, I don’t feel like playing the game anymore, at least not for a long time. Despite this, it was a really cool game, and at times it actually did feel like there was a real person I was communicating with! There are other Lifeline games, which I may check out at some point.

16 thoughts on “First Impressions: Lifeline!

  1. Oh wow…I’m half tempted to download this. I may have to make some room on my phone in order to do that. I keep getting those dreaded “You’re storage is low” messages, so I can imagine it yelling at me if I decided to download anything else. I can see how it wouldn’t have much replay value once he’s rescued though, but I’m definitely one to get the warm fuzzies if I did manage to save a (fictional) life. Great review!

    1. Haha I have the same problem on my phone! I take a ton of pictures so I think that’s my biggest reason for lack of storage space! I have an older iPad that I actually use to play a lot of iOS games on just so I can have the space on my phone for a few games that I absolutely love to play all the time 🙂 Yeah, I don’t see myself playing Lifeline again anytime soon, but it really was neat to experience!

      1. Yeah I do, and I love him very much! That’s funny, cats are fuzzy lizards… never thought of it that way, but there probably is some truth to that! 😉 But yeah, my bearded dragon is a big baby… he loves to snuggle and hang out! I also have 4 turtles… I do love reptiles! 😉 I love all animals, though!!

      2. I’m starting to warm up to (bad pun alert) to reptiles! I never hated them, because they’re animals/pets, too, but I’m starting to see them as cute like I see kittens/cats as cute. I’ve always been an animal lover. Even the not-cute ones deserve our respect and care.

      3. I agree! I was always the kid in school who would want to play and snuggle with all the animals no one else wanted to touch, like the snakes and frogs! 😉 I’m glad you have an open heart towards them, because they are awesome creatures! 🙂

    1. It is a pretty cool game! When I saw it in the App Store again, it was $2, so I think it was just free for a limited time. There are other Lifeline games and I’m just trying to decide if I want to spend $2 for each of them!

  2. I have to be honest… I have never heard of Lifeline! But that isn’t surprising since I don’t play on mobile devices! It does look interesting tho! Communicating with an astronaut in space sounds like it would be fun.. especially the things he says in his situation! Sorry about the nasty cold you had! You didn’t even feel like playing any AC while being sick? It must have been bad! Sorry!

    1. Yeah I just happened to come across it when it was free on the App Store, otherwise I might never have seen it! It was a really unique and different experience for sure!

      Thanks, I am feeling much better! It was one of the worst colds I’ve had in awhile. Yep, even Animal Crossing was too much work. And that’s one of the most relaxing games there is, lol!

  3. I haven’t been feeling great this week and my kids keep coming home from school with coughs and hacking and all that kind of yucky stuff! So this week I have mostly been sitting around and playing AC: Wild World or Stardew Valley. My throat is so sore and raw feeling. 😦 But my games are doing great at distracting me at least! 😉 I am glad you got over your cold!! 🙂 I’m not getting much done around the house, sadly. But my kids were nice enough to clean the house for me over the weekend at least!! 🙂

    1. Aww well I really hope you feel better soon! Since you don’t feel well, it’s the perfect time to just relax and play games! That’s great that your kids helped you out and cleaned the house 🙂

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